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This looks like fun 1

This looks like fun

Seriously, this looks like fun. It reminds me of riding with Jenni.

cautiontape 23

Shades of Discernment

While at the beach, I was amazed to see almost every woman at the pool and at the beach reading books from the Fifty Shades trilogy that is topping the current bestsellers list. The...

I love the Mountains 0

I love the Mountains

  I took this picture from the car a couple of weeks ago. I’m thankful to live in a place where we can see God’s beauty everywhere.   How can anyone deny the existence...

Nerds and Geeks 0

Nerds and Geeks

I saw this over on ChurchMag, and I couldn’t resist. I just had to share it with you.   So, which one do you think I am?

What if the Disciples used Twitter? 0

What if the Disciples used Twitter?

I talked about Facebook and Twitter on Sunday during my message. Here is a creative video by Igniter Media telling the story of Jesus using Twitter. Enjoy!

An Unusual Prayer 5

An Unusual Prayer

Have you seen the prayer from the Nascar Race last Saturday night in Nashville? It’s created quite a buzz and I’ve had some good conversations about it. Check it out below and then I’ll...

I’m a Starbucks Idiot 4

I’m a Starbucks Idiot

I have another confession to make. When it comes to the Starbucks experience, I am a complete idiot. Jennifer loves Fivebucks Starbucks and one of the first things we usually do when visiting a...

The New Worship Style 3

The New Worship Style

This video really cracked me up. I’ve seen several people share it over the last few days, so I thought  I would pass it along. Satire has a way of loosening our defenses so...

Fun in the Snow 0

Fun in the Snow

This is what happens when we cancel church services! The youth ended up at our house and had some fun on Sunday. Add in hot chocolate, fresh homemade cookies, and snow cream, and you can...

Things I Think 2

Things I Think

Just wanted to share some random thoughts tonight. I enjoyed spending the day with my family in Christiansburg and Blacksburg today. Emma was able to go with us since school was canceled due to...

My Disclosure Policy 0

My Disclosure Policy

In case you haven’t heard, the FTC is cracking down on blogs.  As of December 1st, bloggers must now reveal when they receive compensation or free products for review purposes.  I am part of...