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Thanks Frank!

It is a sad day in college football. Today is Frank Beamer’s final home game as head coach at Virginia Tech. Frank has been a steady constant in a world of change. As a Virginia...

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Navigating Issues of Faith and Sports

We started a new series at church this past Sunday on Margin. Too many of us go through life at 1,000 miles per hour rushing from one event to the next. We are stressed,...

Super Bowl Thoughts 0

Super Bowl Thoughts

I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl at church yesterday with great people and great food. It helped that the game was close and competitive until the end. You could tell how the game was...

The Hokies 2

The Hokies

I’m still frustrated at the game last night. I know this has nothing to do with theology or technology, but it’s my blog, so I can write about whatever I want to. I love...

Michael Vick and Tiger Woods 0

Michael Vick and Tiger Woods

The title of this post sounds more like the punchline to a joke instead of a reference to two of the greatest athletes of our generation. They each seemed to have it all, fame,...

Running, Pain, & Discipline 0

Running, Pain, & Discipline

Nineteen years ago I was running in the state cross-country finals.  We had a great team and I was a scrawny 135 lb senior running 18 minute times in 5K’s. Since that time, I...

Pick Me 0

Pick Me

Just wanted to share a cool football video for everyone. Crazy Stuff

How Track Athletes Compare to Church Members 0

How Track Athletes Compare to Church Members

In the spirit of the olympics, here are some thoughts about different types of track athletes and church members.  Back in the old days, I used to run hurdles and the 400 meter, so...

Olympic Obsession 0

Olympic Obsession

I am getting a little sleep deprived this week watching the olympics.  I just can’t stop watching each night.  The competition and passion just draws me in.   I have always loved sports, but there...

Another Local Pastor’s Blog 0

Another Local Pastor’s Blog

It’s always good getting to know other local pastors.  I met Ronnie Collins last year at a youth event at his church in Hillsville.  Ronnie is the Associate Pastor at Hillsville First United Methodist...