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Why do we all look the same? 4

Why do we all look the same?

I have been hesitant to blog about this, but the thoughts simply won’t go away.  At the Catalyst Conference I saw yet again something that has been bothering me about the church world.  When...

More Catalyst Moments 1

More Catalyst Moments

I wanted to share a couple of memorable moments from Catalyst. One was crazy and the other was powerful. Professor Splash set a new world record high dive. He dove from a tower over...

A Once in a Lifetime Concert 1

A Once in a Lifetime Concert

Last week, I noticed that one of my friends on facebook had a couple of extra tickets to the U2 concert in Charlottesville.  It worked out for Jennifer and I to go, so we...

A Great Wedding Day 3

A Great Wedding Day

I was honored today to officiate a wedding for a former student.  It’s something that I really enjoy doing and today was no exception.  It’s great seeing old friends and seeing them take a...

Where’s My Bailout? 0

Where’s My Bailout?

Here’s a little humor for your Friday afternoon from the Skit Guys. At Cornerstone, we’re currently in a sermon series about fear. It seems like in our society, one of the greatest fears is...

A Taste of the Low-Country 0

A Taste of the Low-Country

Even though I live in the mountains, I really love South Carolina low-country cuisine.  One of my favorite dishes is She-Crab soup.  Unfortunately, you can’t find it too many places up here in the mountains...

Ignatius, The Rock Star Youth Pastor 2

Ignatius, The Rock Star Youth Pastor

I’ve seen this on several different blogs lately, and it definitely gives you a good laugh at the expense of the current church culture. Unfortunately, I thought of several youth pastors that I have...

Great Youth Ministry Video 0

Great Youth Ministry Video

I look forward to seeing the videos every year from the National Youth Ministry Conference. The guys at Saddleback put some cool videos together.  If you’re a youth worker, you want to check out...

Crazy Economics 101 1

Crazy Economics 101

If you are confused by the current lending and credit crisis, then watch this 10 minute video. It does a great job of describing what has happened. In a nutshell, the banks let people...

The Manly Question 0

The Manly Question

Okay, after all the comments at church Sunday, I’m not sure what to do.  What do you think? [polldaddy poll=”1373310″]

Pick Me 0

Pick Me

Just wanted to share a cool football video for everyone. Crazy Stuff