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Caring for Nicaragua

For the last ten years, I have been traveling with our church to Nicaragua to work with Because We Care Ministries. This ministry does an incredible job reaching out to rural villages all over...


Facing Darkness

Last night, Jennifer and I were able to go to Boone, North Carolina to see the new documentary Facing Darkness by Samaritan’s Purse. What an incredible movie! It tells the story of the Ebola...


Great Books for Small Town Pastors

Ministry in small towns and cities is tough. The issues that rural America face are very similar to inner city problems:  job loss, population loss, drug use, and lack of opportunities.  As a pastor,...


The Importance of Mobile Giving

Most churches now realize the importance of offering online giving, but many have not recognized the transition to mobile giving that is now taking place. There is a difference, and you need to understand how it...


An Opportunity to Respond

As a pastor, I’ve struggled with how to end our church services. While it is great to see people respond to the Gospel, I feel that everyone needs a chance to respond to what they have...


The Refugee Crisis

It seems that everyone is talking about the Syrian refugee crisis. While much has been written about what we shouldn’t do, I want to share what we can do. While our government works toward...


The Problem With How We Teach Missions

I recently read an article that just reinforces my belief that most churches are missing the mark when it comes to how we educate students about mission work. Here’s the quote that caught my attention...


How Not to Make Disciples

I love this video by Francis Chan. It really makes you think about how your church is structured to make disciples.