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The Refugee Crisis

It seems that everyone is talking about the Syrian refugee crisis. While much has been written about what we shouldn’t do, I want to share what we can do. While our government works toward...


Leadership Traits Needed by Our Nation’s Leaders

I’m already sick of the constant bickering by political candidates. We have a desperate need for strong leadership in our world today. So what does that type of leadership look like? What characteristics and...


This is a Powerful Argument Against Abortion

Whatever political viewpoint you hold, I urge you to watch this video. This is from an older Matt Chandler sermon, but it has been shared widely the last few weeks. He shares a powerful argument...

Happy 4th of July 0

Happy 4th of July

These ladies were at Cornerstone back in December. Enjoy their newest video and enjoy your day with family and friends celebrating our freedom.


Look Up

I have cut back on the number of posts here on the blog over the past year. It has been an intentional decision based on the time I have available after pastoring a church...


My Hometown

http://youtu.be/lSU81ZrzflE This video has been making the rounds on Facebook in our hometown of Galax. I love how it highlights the community and shows our culture here in the mountains. One of the keys...


What We’ve Learned from the Duck Dynasty Fiasco

It has been both interesting and frustrating to see numerous articles online about Phil Robertson’s recent comments and suspension from the show Duck Dynasty. Unless you have been on a remote island, you have...


Duck Dynasty Featured on I Am Second

I have really enjoyed watching the testimonies on the I am Second website over the past few years. The cinematography is great, and the message is always focused on Jesus. The latest video is...


Bluegrass in the Mountains

  Our city just finished up the 78th Annual Old Fiddler’s Convention. It is the largest and oldest fiddler’s convention in the world. Thousands of people camp in our local city park for the...


The Bible Miniseries

I’m excited about a new miniseries premiering on the History Channel this weekend. Christians have long complained about the content of movies and tv, and we now have the opportunity to show our support...


What Are You Searching for This Christmas?

Many are searching for meaning, truth, and hope, but we live in a distorted and broken world. The hope we need can only be found in Jesus Christ. He wants to know you and...