I am getting a little sleep deprived this week watching the olympics.  I just can’t stop watching each night.  The competition and passion just draws me in.   I have always loved sports, but there is something special about the olympics.  Watching both the excitement and the heartbreak brings out your national pride.    I’ve enjoyed the swimming and I’m amazed at Michael Phelps, but my favorite part is getting ready to start.  Track was my favorite sport in high school.  I ran hurdles and did some of the longer sprints, so I really get into watching the track and field events.

My blog has been pretty quiet this week.  With our trip out of town and the olympics on each night, my computer time for blogging has been pretty low.  I’m also reading through Mark Batterson’s new book, Wild Goose Chase.  Look for the review in the next few days and also the details on how to get a copy.  I’ve got one to give away, and I can tell you already that it is great and inspiring.   Now I’ve got to get back to watching the olympics.  

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