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One Hundred Pushups 0

One Hundred Pushups

I just started a new challenge today. Can you do 100 continuous pushups? If not, then check out this six-week program to get you there. I only managed 25 in my first test, so...

I’m Hurting 2

I’m Hurting

This machine kicked my butt today. I am seriously sore. If you haven’t tried a treadclimber yet, you need to find one. It’s a cross between a stepper and a treadmill. It has a...

Hokie Sadness 0

Hokie Sadness

Another hard game to watch. The Hokies just didn’t get it done last night in the Orange Bowl. I attribute it to poor offensive coaching and poor execution. Tech definitely had the bigger, stronger,...

How ’bout them Hokies! 0

How ’bout them Hokies!

ACC Champs. Congratulations to the guys at Tech who will be headed to the Orange Bowl. They’ve come a long ways since the days when I was there. This will be their 15th straight...

Don’t Give Up 0

Don’t Give Up

For all the football fans out there, this is an incredible play. I just spoke on teamwork at church, and this is a great real life example of that. ht to Chad

There is no "I" in Team 0

There is no "I" in Team

After reading this article in the Roanoke Times, I had to post my thoughts. Virginia Tech switched quarterbacks and has chosen a true freshman, Tyrod Taylor to start. Below are the comments from Sean...

At least we got to see Tyrod play 0

At least we got to see Tyrod play

Dang, the Hokies got thumped 48-7 by LSU. I’m glad I didn’t drive down to Baton Rouge to see the game (like Matt, Zach, and Joey), but at least the Hokie Nation got to...

Sportsmanship 0


Emma’s basketball season is officially over. I had an absolute blast coaching her team. There were only 5 girls on her team, so they all had to play constantly. The girls listened, they helped...

Basketball With the Kids 0

Basketball With the Kids

We just finished up the Upward basketball season for Luke and Emma. I have really enjoyed coaching and being with the kids. Upward is a good program and it was sponsored locally by Cliffview...

Super Bowl Nonsense 0

Super Bowl Nonsense

Okay, what lame brained marketing genius came up with the cease and desist idea for churches having super bowl parties. Of all the bad publicity the NFL has gotten this year (see Cincinnati’s familiarity...

My First New Year’s Resolution 0

My First New Year’s Resolution

I just decided what my first New Year’s Resolution needs to be. Here it is: I need to calm down and not get so dang mad when Virginia Tech loses! Tonight they blew a...