I’ve been wanting to spend some time with the latest release from Churchthemes and I finally got the chance. After installing the Saved theme on a test site and playing around with it, I’m really impressed. Lately, I’ve setup several other church themes on WordPress, including several from Themeforest, and I’ve found myself missing the simplicity and consistency that Churchthemes always provides.

Saved and Maranatha are both excellent themes with very distinct appearances. I like Maranatha for its smooth appearance and call to action.  I like Saved for its ability to be easily customized.  Saved gives you the ability to add any widget to your homepage. For power users, this really opens up a huge opportunity to customize the homepage.

Saved is an ultra-premium WordPress theme for making an incredible church website. With its bold design and super easy customization, Saved helps you create a website that reflects your church’s personality.

Saved makes building your church website easy too — especially the homepage. Included is a powerful drag-and-drop homepage builder. Simply enter the Customizer then add the widgets of your choice while watching the live preview. No complicated page builder plugin needed. Saved makes web design easy for anybody.

Saved offers the ability to easily add sermons, events, staff listings, locations, and blog updates to your website, and the theme makes everything fit together perfectly. It really is a great looking, high-quality theme.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an overview, but remember that you can easily customize your site’s colors, logos, and fonts.

Churchthemes excels in offering great documentation with their themes, including screenshots and video tutorials. Their guides are great at helping you get started, even if you don’t have much experience with WordPress. They also follow WordPress best practices so that you won’t be stuck with your theme. You can easily switch to any of their themes without losing all your hard work. Their prices are reasonable, although not cheap, you get great support and quality. When it comes to WordPress themes, you really do get what you pay for.

If you are interested in purchasing the theme or reading more about it, check out my affiliate link to find out more.

Click here to learn more about Churchthemes.com

(note: the links to churchthemes.com are my affiliate links, so I will receive a commission for any sales through this link. I only recommend what I use and believe in!)


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