I’m excited about the new AppleTV.  We use one at home frequently, and we also use a couple of them at church for our Small  Group Ministry. It is incredibly easy to stream videos from your iPhone or iPad to an AppleTV.  We also use RightNowMedia at church for many of our Small Groups, so the AppleTV works great with the RightNowMedia app.

Apple made one big change with the new AppleTV. They added apps. This means churches will be able to create their own app for the AppleTV to show sermon and service videos. This is huge. I’m also hoping RightNowMedia will be developing their own app.  Overall, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Apple has also added Siri support, more gaming support, and more built-in memory. But for me, the biggest change is the app store for tvOS.  Developers can find out more info on Apple’s site at

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