While on vacation last week, an interesting thing happened here on this blog.  Someone who was hurting and even contemplating suicide stopped by and left a comment on an older post.  I was able to share a few things, and several of my readers stepped in and posted as well.  I put out several prayer requests on twitter, and I was able to see the church come together and pray for someone who we don’t even know. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe that this person found this site because of a divine appointment.

Check out the discussion here.  And leave some encouraging words for our anonymous friend.  Hang in there and know that there is a reason you found this site.  We really do care.

And keep me in your prayers today as well.  One of the teens in our youth ministry at Cornerstone had a really tough week last week.  He has an important hearing today in Roanoke about his future.  I plan on going, so I will be on the road a bunch today since Roanoke is two hours away.  Continue to pray for him, that things will work out with his family.

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