God won’t give you more than you can bear …

It never fails … Almost every week I look back after I finish my sermon and realize that I left something out that I wanted to share. I always hope that I shared enough to get the truth across. I know that God sometimes takes control of the sermon and redirects what I am saying, but there is always that uncertainty when I’m done. I wonder if I prepared enough, communicated effectively, and honored Christ by what I’ve said. My hope and prayer is that I have said what God wanted me to say.

Yesterday, when I was talking about pain, suffering, risk, and loss, I wanted to share 1 Corinthians 10:13. You know the one that says God won’t give you more than you can bear … But wait a minute, that’s not really what the Bible says. It says you won’t be tempted beyond what you can bear. In life, you will go through situations that are more than you can bear alone. It’s only in those times that we realize our full dependency on God.

I like what a pastor down the road shared on his blog

It does not imply that God won’t let you be stressed beyond what you can bear.
Or challenged beyond your ability.
Or pushed beyond your threshold.In reality, God gives you more than you can bear all the time. On purpose.
It’s only when you can’t bear the load that the strength of Christ kicks in…
and He becomes everything you need and more.


UPDATE: After 8 years, I am closing comments on this post. I hope it still brings you encouragement. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please get help immediately. Call 1-800-273-8255, the national hotline, get yourself to a hospital if you can, call 911, go alert someone in your home, apartment, or workplace, or wherever you are, and do whatever it takes to get help. You can also visit www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org or twloha.com to find help nearby.

Please know that God knows you and cares about you. Yes, we live in a broken world, but there is hope! Jesus came to rescue us and restore us and we all look forward to that day.


I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and I love technology. I've been married to Jennifer for 28 years, and we have three adult children.

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74 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am at my breaking point. I am ready to just go to sleep and never wake up. I cannot bear it anymore…what happens now after I take my life? I go to hell but I have been in a living hell all my miserable life.

    • ciara says:

      That’s kind of a selfish way to think… How is this hell? You make life the way you want. I have endured much pain and hardship but god does give me strength and peace to my heart. Try turning your negatives into positives 🙂

      • Samuel says:

        I realize this was 2 years ago, but I read this and couldn’t help to be upset by your ignorance. How can you tell someone who is suicidal that they’re selfish? Some people have tried everything and to condemn them by saying that they are selfish is as far from Christ-like as you can be.

        • Angela says:

          I agree samuel totally with tour reply, that person may not have the help or ppl to lean on. No I don’t think it’s selfish,but they do need our prayers. I know that this 3 year’s from your reply 8 years from theirs but hope and pray they found help.

    • SJ says:

      You may take your life away, but wait! Do you seriously want to go to hell after already having dealt with it here?! I mean you’ve been living a hell and you want to take away your life to deal with hell(again) or something which you are not even sure of?! I don’t think that’s wise..Endure the pain beyond your threshold, down here..Live the life you’ve been given!! you may as well go to heaven when time comes. Have faith, be strong think wise.

  2. Mike says:

    I just want you to know that no matter how bad you think things are, that there is always hope! I have been through a lot of tough times in my life, and looking back now I am so glad that I didn’t give up. God has brought me through those times and now I have a wonderful wife and family that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I want you to know that God really does love you, even though you might not feel that way right now. By posting here I know you are reaching out, that you haven’t given up all hope.

    There are some people at an awesome ministry called the hopeline that can help you. Please go to their website or call them. The info is below

    http://www.thehopeline.com/ or 212-727-6542

    If you want to talk to me personally, then please email me directly – just click contact me at the top of this page. Know that I’m praying for you and that I know you can pull through this.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous, I’ve been there, I’ve written the note, I can remember the taste of the gun in my mouth. I was going to kill myself but then out of the blue I heard God tell me no. No one wants you out of the world but the Devil because you must have something you are supposed to do one day. Don’t give up yet. Since my lowest point I have two wonderful kids and a wonderful wife. I would never have known the joy I have if I had blown my head off then. Please hang on and if your is truly miserable as mine WAS, I stress WAS, then turn it over to God, give up your rights to it, tell God it is his to do whatever with because you can’t make it work. Then sit back and see the wonderful things he will do with it. I love you and right now I am praying for you. Hold on, your bright days are coming.

    jth in Galax

  4. Anonymous says:

    When you are at your lowest God is at His greatest. He will lift you up! Let Him! Feel the prayers of those around you. He loves us and cares for us, even we were are so underserving. That’s what makes him our ALMIGHTY FATHER!! I will be praying for you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I dont know how to turn it over to God. I dont know what else to do. I dont feel the love even though I know my family loves me but I seriously feel that noone cares about me. Why am I going thru this alone? I am so tired…so tired. All I can think about it not living anymore. No one loves me or I wouldn’t be going thru this alone.

    • anoymous says:

      hey your not alone just pray read your bible and try church God hears you just have faith ! God Bless Your Soul i care that you feel like this and it hurts my heart we are all tried but u have to keep praying for guides …. God will never leave you or forsake you !!

    • anonymous says:

      How is everything going on in your life right now?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s alright. I know people saying I care is supposed to help but it really doesn’t. It’s like but I don’t feel it. Even though we feel that no one cares deeeeep down someone really cares. Whether we can feel/believe that are not. I care. I have felt lonley even with others around. I felt I had no one even with others telling me they are here for me.

      • Angela says:

        Hang in there we are praying for God’s love upon your life just let go and let God shine on you, He’s everlasting love. Let him embrace you. For God is for you. So am i. I’ve been there. I know what your talking bout. But God’s love doesn’t compare to others.

  6. Mike says:

    Suicide is a very permanent mistake to fix a temporary problem. Let me assure you that whatever the situation that you are in, that things will change.

    You mentioned that you don’t feel loved. You have seen several people here on this blog share their love for you even though they don’t know who you are. If I could tell you one thing, it is that you are loved, not only by us, but by God. You aren’t going through this alone, because we are here with you and God knows your pain.

    Please don’t base your decisions on your feelings or your circumstances, they will always change. Instead base your life on following Christ. When you focus on loving God and loving others, your own problems have a way of seeming more manageable. Our faith gives us a better perspective on the problems in life.

    Again, I know you are reaching out, don’t give up. And please let someone know that is close to you. Whether it is a pastor, friend, co-worker, parent, guidance counselor, or someone that cares, but please talk to someone. Again, know that you are loved and don’t lose hope.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How? How do I base my life on following Christ? I have been going to a church for over 2 years and no one not even the pastor has asked my name or held a conversation with me. I just go and leave. Cant talk to anyone there. I dont talk with my family, friend or coworkers about my personal life or feelings. I am a very private person. The one true best friend I had is not talking to me. He has been my confidant and best friend for the last five or six years and now I have no body. I am trying to hold on but what am I holding on for. I am miserable! I am tired of acting like everything is ok when it is not…my heart hurts so bad. Last night I felt as if I was barely breathing because that is how bad I wanted to stop breathing and I was comfortable with it happening. I feel so bad bothering you with my problems but I dont have anyone else to talk to. Thanks for all the encouragement. Please pray for me because I am really struggling to see my purpose in life with all this pain and misery. I dont want to die. 🙁

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you all for your prayers and love. I feel like I may have the strength to carry on. Please keep me in your prayers because my journey has just begun. Thanks again. Love you all. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      That is AWESOME. I know I may be a little late to comment, but I have a verse that I thought I should share with you: "The temptations of your life are no different from what what others experience(you're not alone). And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he WILL show you a way out so that you can endure." 1 Corinthians 10:13

  9. Mike says:

    That’s great – I’ll definitely keep praying for you. I know that you are here for a purpose, and that you can get through this tough time. Please don’t be afraid to seek help. Whatever you do, don’t go through this alone. Keep us informed.

  10. Michael says:

    Don’t forget even the Lord fell under the weight of His cross and needed a brother to help bear the burden. He still walked toward the inevitable end! Your true family, your blood brothers are here to help you, lifting you up, pleading your cause before the Throne of God. Stay on target! Let the Lord work out what needs to be done in your life and soul. Trust Him to take you to a new knowledge of Himself greater than you have ever imagined. Overcome! Victory is yours if you don’t quit! STAY ON TARGET!! All of creation, the holy angels, the Atonement, the Word, the Holy Spirit, and men and women of faith who have gone before us, are working together to bring you to the full stature of Christ. STAY ON TARGET! Keep your eyes on Jesus! STAY ON TARGET!

  11. Lesa says:

    I do honestly believe that God will bring you through any situation you are in. All you have to do is put your faith and trust in him. Remember me and my family in your prayers. God bless you.

  12. You maybe feeling alone, depressed, anxious, miserable and BROKEN, but you cannot give up, as these are the qualities that our Father delights in. Psalm 51:17 'The sacrifices of God are a BROKEN SPIRIT,a BROKEN and CONTRITE HEART these, O God, you will not despise'. You are qualify for a miracle, just as you are. You must reach out to Him. He will never fail you. Jerimiah 29:11 states' For I know the PLANS I have for you, plans to PROSPER you and not to harm you,plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and FIND me when you seek me with ALLLLL your heart'. The devil wants you to give up, but TRUST GOD, He NEVER fails.

    • ASDFJOL;AFJL says:


      • Mike says:

        I can't imagine the pain you've experienced. There are evil people in this world, but can you blame God for the actions of people who obviously are not following God. Use the contact form at the top of this page if you would like to email me to talk. I would love to help you.

  13. bongi says:

    Yes people, God is strongest when we are at our weakest point. We just need to keep reaching out to Him, and allow him to sit on the throne, and wrap us in His loving arms.His love for us never fails…no matter what the circumstances around look like and feel like in the natural.
    God bless.

  14. jjb says:

    what if you told god that you would take the place of jesus but obviously you aren't qualified…..then suddenly you're taken seriously and your legs start getting paralyzed when you're in certain situations and your whole family starts acting strange….like mom starts avoiding you and stepmom starts lying and your father starts going to the casino on easter? what's going on? god wouldn't really want someone like me to take the place of jesus…..that's ridiculous. for one thing i can't even do myself any good, how could i do anyone else any good? But a lot of bad and strange things are happening and i don't know what to do. i'm losing my mind i think. the problem is that after i made this promise i was serving paralyzed people in their homes, and they seemed upset and hated me, and the people i met who were homeless that i tried to tell them that i respected them accused me of being attracted to them. my family wouldn't help one man who needed a home and they had an empty house…..owned by my uncle, a pastor…..who didn't even return my call when i asked him for help. the house was given to him by my grandfather and it was standing empty and somewhat ruined, but i would have cleaned it up. SO i felt so sad and confused because the man was very kind and thoughtful but ended up being sent to a mental home and when i visited him he went to hug me then humped the side of my body and wouldn't let go and ever since i've been unable to read the bible without waking up with feet that are somewhat paralyzed. when i asked my church for help they told me i needed mental help and that i should have known better than to "help a homeless man" because "that's what the shelters are for" they also told me some things about money which convinced me that they love money more than god, so i told them that they lost me, and i was going to become a satanist. i don't know why i said that, and i'm sorry for saying that, but this is really confusing me. i used to be a pretty cheerful person who would help anyone and i feel really lost..

    • Mike says:

      You've shared a lot here and I can tell you've been through a lot of pain. I challenge you to not give up on God. God can bring you through your pain. Again, I encourage you to email me if you would like to talk further. See the contact info at the top of the page.

  15. Peace says:

    The devil also tempts us to give up on God. Especially after he has piled on burden after burden… It is at this point that God says even this temptation is too great for you, once you let God carry your burden with you.

  16. nikki says:

    yeah i will live and will face all the situation very bravely 🙂

  17. teddibear says:

    wow you all have encouraged me

    i’m 15 years old
    and i became a Christian on March 27, 2009
    it has been an amazing and interesting experience
    but at the same time the tribulations that came with it were very hard for me
    my life was great before i gave my life to God
    and i felt as if when i gave it to Him, everything went crazy
    he was fixing so many things and shaping my life to His will
    it was like i had no say in my life
    my life changed
    and none of my friends were Christians.. they were believers but not Christians
    and God wanted me to let go of some things
    and one major thing he wanted me to let go of was very hard for me
    and only a month ago i finally let go of it ..a person
    but it has been one big heartbreak and i have been feeling very alone.
    i was actually just doing some i.t. homework, looking up some things on google,listening to a song called “This Too Shall Pass”
    and crying.
    and the Spirit of God put in my heart to search for “He will never give you more than you can bear..” and i came upon this page.

    this is really God’s perfect plan.

  18. flyer says:

    this made all the difference for me today. thank you mike and everyone who commented.

  19. Jodi Dunn says:

    God doesn’t give anyone anything.
    God must be someone’s idea of a cruel joke – and everyone know’s in their heart and in their gut that this “God” presence is nowhere to be seen, felt, or heard.
    “God” was invented as a primitive form of judicial system based on scare tactics which were used to form “civilized” society.
    Nothing more.
    BLIND FAITH is ridiculous and a worthless one sided relationship,
    WE get Zero feedback from “THE ALMIGHTY”.
    NOT very convincing in all his strenght, power, and glory.
    The are some serious flaws in “God’s” infallability.
    You would have to be blind and ignorant and SCARED not to see the lie.

    • Mike says:

      Thanks for dropping by. I can see that you have some issues with the idea that this world we live in was created by and controlled by God. You are entitled to your opinion, but you can’t debate the fact that God transforms people’s lives. I’ve seen firsthand hundreds of examples of people who have turned their life around with God’s help. My own life is a great example of what God can do. There is scientific evidence, archeological evidence, and logical evidence all pointing to the existence of an intelligent designer of this world we live in. I started to delete your comment because of your tone and name-calling, but I decided to let this one slide. You’re welcome here, but I won’t enter an endless debate with you.

      • Anonymous Too... says:

        Dear Mike:

        I have been walking with the Lord completely with my heart for 22 years. I KNOW God to be a Deliverer, Healer, Peace, Husband, Calm in the Storm, Father…and yet in this season of my life, I have lacked so many things money, job (although I have experience and several advanced degrees), love relationship (although my husband walked out of a 15 year marriage like it meant absolutely nothing…leaving me with 2 kids to raise on my own. I served God and he drank and drugged. I am still single with not one prospect over the 14 years that I have been waiting for God to bless me with a Holy Spirit filled husband and relationship). I attend and serve at my local church on a regular basis, I pay tithes and I offer Offerings, read and study the Word of God, and I am a Worshiper who loves God from the heart. I LIVE and BREATHE the Word…Can I tell you that I am MISERABLE being a Christian. ..not towards people because I am a person who loves, has deep compassion on people, and I am a giver from the heart. I am miserable because in this season..it seems that ALL that God has promised has not come to pass for 10-15 years. I look in the Word, decree and declare the Word and to no avail NOTHING. ..AND I DO BELIEVE WHAT GOD HAS SAID WITH ALL OF MY HEART..That’s why I am so FRUSTRATED!!!!! This season is DRY. I have fasted, prayed, agreed in prayer and still NOTHING after 4 years of a severe drought in my life..ALMOST EVERYTHING has dried up..yet I continue to go through test after test, while praising and thanking God for the TEST and a breakthrough..The more thankful from the heart..the more testing I get..and ANOTHER HARD PLACE AND TEST! Now don’t go giving me the Job story. I am about sick of people telling me GOD’S GONNA BRING ME OUT..and HE WILL NEVER ALLOW TEMPTING ABOVE WHAT I CAN HANDLE. I see people who have gotten husbands who WERE NOT CELIBATE! They lived and slept with men..some had 2-4 children from different men (not putting them down)then GOD blesses them with men who love God..I have been the faithful one after divorce for 14 years ..not sleeping with men..WAITING FOR GOD..and what do I get?? LONLINESS year in and year out waiting for GOD and RIDICULE… Please don’t tell me that I am never alone..that is spiritual ..but we all know that most of us desire companionship ..ie a husband, wife etc.. I am at a very critical point in my life..either God IS WHO HE says He IS and He will do what HE says He will do and promised for my life..OR I have this all wrong…I have totally missed it with God..and He is NOT doing ANYTHING THAT I HAVE READ in HIS WORD, have been taught, or believed He has spoken to me. In short..I don’t understand giving my life to God …trusting HIM to make my life better..(not perfect)..and all I have is ASHES! For years…I don’t know what to do..I REALLY DO FEEL LIKE GIVING UP! BUT I am NOT doing another thing UNTIL GOD speaks.. I don’t understand where I am or WHY I am in this place..I have CRIED OUT sooo many times over the years and repented..and still NOTHING but another hard test! I do get some lifting and comfort here and there.. Why does it feel like I am tested beyond what I can handle although I have tried to hang on?? I thought God REWARDED those who diligently seek him and also their faith? I KNOW I have walked in FAITH ..That’s another reason why I am so FRUSTRATED. I am concerned that my frustrations will lead me into taking things into my own hands..I don’t want that..I really want the Will of God in my life..

        • Mike says:

          I’ll be praying for you. I can tell you are frustrated, but your ultimate fulfillment will come from God and not a person. I want you to think about this statement. You will never be satisfied or happy as long as you look to others to provide what only God can.

          I say that in love, because I can’t imagine the pain you have been through. But God is longing for a relationship with you, one that is not dependent on what we get in return. It is so hard for us to understand why things don’t work out as we have planned. But I just want to encourage you to focus first and foremost on your relationship to the father, and trust him to fulfill your ultimate needs.

          • Anonymous Too... says:

            Thank you, Mike for your kind reply…I thought about the statement you mentioned and you are absolutely correct…happiness doesn’t lie in people because people will always disappoint in someway because of being human. It’s hard to comprehend relating to God when I have so much pain and disappointment that has seemed to be “allowed” by God. I didn’t have a good relationship with my own natural father, I have a better one now as an older adult, so it is hard when I am being pressed to really believe that God wants a relationship.Mostly, I was disappointed with my father because if how he treated my mother. He was not faithful to the marriage and had children outside of the marriage. My father always promised me things and did not deliver. I also had a husband of 14 years walk out on me and my children after trusting God for his salvation for all of those 14 years..The constant trial and pain makes it really difficult to trust God. All I feel is pain. I need his Mercy and Grace to be able to heal. I didn’t make my natural father behave the way he did nor did I make my husband walk out because he didn’t want responsibility. I realize that my pain is hindering from trusting God. I THOUGHT I trusted Him..but my pain says “It is difficult to trust God because He is not healing you of your pain, He is allowing you back to back trials instead…which makes it hurt even more.” Honestly..I don’t know how to move forward in this..I have asked God to heal my heart and soul..ONLY HE can..I don’t know how to get that healing I have believed and have not received..

        • Annymous says:

          I don’t now if telling you “God Loves You” and “God Is Going To Bring You Out” is going to be very effective or add any new insight into your situation. So let me offer a different point of view. Maybe God is preparing you for just the right person. How would you feel going into a truly God given realtionship not having the keeping power that you are blessed with. At that time wouldn’t you truly wish you would have held on (Think about it). I have been married several times after much success in the world. I didn’t have a mother or father and have always been looking for the perfect family that I could call my own. Not waiting on God and asking for his direction has led me to more lonely nights and pain that you could not possibly imagine. I know this, last year I lost another family a beautiful house in the suburbs and a fantastic job. Sometimes I barely hang on (Believe me). But God has me exactly where he wants me. I’m going back home to the only father I’ve ever known and the only peace there is, In Him!!! Sister hang in there, we can’t see what he sees. But I can tell you this, he’s the only family I’ve ever had, and that has to be enough for all of us. You have to know that you know, that you know.

      • Dick says:

        Jodi is already in a DEBATE with our LORD… That’s a good thing, give them time!

  20. Tyson says:

    God bless you all. He is an amazing god!

    • Angel says:

      God loves you and will always will. He made all
      of us as an overcomer. Even if everythings seems
      very dark, he will alway be there for you to
      guide and light your way.

      “If he brings you to it, He will bring you
      through it. Happy moments, praise God. Quiet
      moments, seek God. Painful moments, trust God.
      Every moment. Thank God.”

      “My precious, precious child, I love you and I
      would never leave you. During your times of
      trial and suffering, when you see only one set
      of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”

      • Beth says:

        Thank you. Your message wasn’t posted towards me but I know I was meant to read it. Your message helped me understand somethings and helped me find the words I’ve been searching for. I always have a hard time praying. (I know that probably sounds silly to some) But after reading your post the conversation I’ve been needing to have with God for some time now just flowed from my mouth (along with tears filled with every emotion in me). You can’t imagine the weight lifted from me. I know I have not suddenly solved everything in my life, but it is definitely a stepping stone. I feel that satan has been working overtime on me, (I believe my son as well) lately it has felt like it will never end or get better. Then at some point I forget that that is what is really going on. Every time I get closer to knowing God, everything gets so much worse and I back away. NO MORE!
        To quote an old friend, ” Devil, get behind me.” God has been working in my life, through so many wonderful people, a long time. Long before I even realized it.

        I came across this website by asking, “what do you do when it feels like God has given you more than you can handle?” It is not God that gives us more than we can bear. I believe it is satan. And I will not allow it anymore. I give it all to God, it is only through him that I will have the strength I need. No more feeling sorry for myself, no more being weighed down by negativity.

        I could go on and on, LOL, but I think you get the picture. So, thank you, all of you. Mike, thank you for this website. God bless 🙂

  21. Denelle says:

    God is good!

  22. Tamika says:

    It is amazing how i found this site i highlighted something worth keeping on facebook and for some reason it saved in my google search…at first when i scanned the results i thought how strange and moved on however when i went to go to another site it popped up again and the first hit on the page was this one so i figured i need to check it out. my faith was defintely strengthened by what i read on this page. i realize that by the dates that some of these people posted long ago however, i believe that God orcheastrates things in such away that things fall into place just as He wills, notice however i did not say as i or you will. my heart goes out to those that are in pain and to the lady who has been waiting on a husband sometimes we want things in life that are not our portion. i have learned in my life to love God regardless if He never does another thing for me ever again this side of glory, that is well with my soul, He did enough when he gave me His son Jesus! i have experienced so much in this life and i know above all that God loved me….that alone has healed my heart of so much pain! i have been humming this song for the last few days it just stays in my spirit….” and life is worth the living just because he live…..because He lives i can face tomorrow!

  23. Bryan says:

    I blogged about the same topic recently and we agree. If life never threw difficulties our way beyond our ability to bear or cope, we’d be tempted to leave God out of the equation. Thanks for sharing!

  24. tytyanne says:

    im at my end ive gone over that verse about god won’t give you more than you can handle and i read it and read it and it doesnt make sense to me because i am well over my breaking point and the one thing making me go on is starting to give out on me im only 20 i dont deserve to feel this way. i look at everyone else and there so happy and everything in there life is going as planned im not a bad person i never did wrong and i feel like im being punished while those that deserve it stand by and laugh im done i dont know what to do. please help please

    • Mike says:

      Let me just encourage you to find a place where you can receive the support and encouragement you need. We are made to live in community, so please try to find a church where you can find the help you need. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, but don’t lose hope. You are still young and you have a long life in front of you, so don’t give up.

      If you do feel like you have more than you can handle right now, you will definitely need God to carry you through the pain. Allow God into your life and let him handle your burdens. I’ll be praying for you

  25. Chris says:

    I hear this all the time, But I too have and continue to go through more than I can take anymore. I have begged God for help as I’m to the point that I have even begged to death! I have spent 30 years in total misery. to the point it has cause a break down, and several attempts to end my life. Now within the last 3 yrs things have grown to a point I just can’t stand life anymore. in 2009 I was in an accident that cost me my car, my job, my apartment, my life savings. I had to ask to move back to my parents who really don’t have room for me so I have spent the last 3 yrs sleeping on a couch in an enclosed patio. that same year of 2009 I had a fight with my best friend and his wife who were like a brother and sister to me, and they walked out of my life and have refused to speak to or see me since. which my heart still is broken from as I truly loved them as family and miss them horribly. Then in 2011 my Mother passed away from brain cancer. Another lose of someone I needed in my life. I have lost so much especially in the last 3 yrs, and now my health is in bad shape on top of it. There is not a day that does not go by that do Not beg God for help and restore what I have lost, and to make it possible to be able to get on my feet again. yet the days turn into weeks, the weeks into months, the months into years and nothing gets better, nothing changes, it just gets worse. I am dieing a slow, tormenting, death here. I am so miserable even being here I have broken down crying and asking God why am I alive? I can’t live another year like this, it’s cruel, it’s destroying me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I just can’t take anymore! death would be merciful than to continue in like this. Yet no matter how much I pray, and even beg God for help. I seem to go ignored. And yet I know God can help me, I believe in God and that he can help me. and yet he seems to think of me as he did Cain, Not worth his trouble. cursed and left to be a kicking stone. it has been the story of my life. it has been all I have known. I have been picked on, and cursed since I was a child. to the point that I have not self esteem, no self worth. And after 30 yrs of knowing nothing but pain, nothing but rejection, nothing but loss, nothing but regret, Nothing but abuse, would anyone including God wonder why death would seem so much better than continuing on. I look back on how my life was stolen from me, how my youth was stolen from me to the point of being a shut in and not even living the life a young man would. And yet I pray, I beg for miracles I desperately need. And I wake daily to the same torments, and stagnant existence. in the last few days as after 30 yrs I have grown so tired of existing this way, so tired of waiting for help that never seems to come, I have flat out to God Help me, or kill me as I can’t take anymore! I can’t go on another month in this living hell of an existence, it’s cruel to let someone hurt this bad that begins to destroy their physical, and mental health. I truly do not know what to do anymore? As the fact I prey and beg to God everyday shows I have faith and believe he can help me. Yet I seem to go ignored in my torment and my pain. which leaves the question WHERE ARE YOU GOD? Why Have you forsaken me?

    • Mike says:

      I don’t have any easy answers for you. I see many parallels in your story to the book of Job. Job lost everything of value in his life, and yet he was able to say blessed be the name of the Lord. In the midst of heartache, pain, and suffering, he was able to worship because he knew God was still worthy of worship. Job wanted to know why he was suffering as well, but he never received an answer.

      In life, bad things happen to good people. It can be traced to the sin that entered the world through Adam and Eve. This world is not the way that God intended, but thankfully, one day it will be restored. In Job, we see that eventually things turn around in his life, so let me encourage you to stay strong and to not give up. I also encourage you to find a church where you don’t have to pretend like everything is fine. Find somewhere that you can be encouraged and cared for, a place where you truly belong.

      Life is a long journey of small steps, so please keep walking towards God. I’ll be praying for you.

  26. Chris says:

    I have a church, and it has not helped me where this is concerned. I have also read job. And yes God restored onto him that which he lost. ( how he restored his family after they were killed I don’t understand) But it also seems like the stress, pain, and tormenting that Job went through ended in a short period of time. we are talking a total of 33 years here and continuing. I am to the point I am actually feeling physically sick, and even getting great pains in my head from all this is causing. I Don’t know what to do anymore? I beg God daily to help me, And yet I wake daily to the same misery , and suffering to the point I wish for death. Does God even care? Do I mean anything to him?

  27. Pamela says:

    There have been several people that have told me this phrase and when I hear it or see it I want to punch that person. I want to tell them to carry a baby for 9 months just to have him die 3 days before the due date (Elijah’s due date was 12/25/11). For me it’s not a matter of handling this. And why would anyone even think or say He(God) will never put more on you than you can handle or bear?! It’s not about that in this case and losing a child is way different from someone crashing into and totaling my car, losing my house to a fire, or finding out I have a tumor. I’m sure they wont want to trade places with me. I’m sure they wont want their child to die. I’m sure they wont want to make arrangements for the memorial. I’m sure they wont want to bury their child. And then live with this pain for the rest of their lives. And even though I am slowly making it day by day this is not something I want to handle and can honestly say that He(God) needs to stop with the tests/trials/tribulations. If being molested and raped by my father, having 4 miscarriages, being involved in an accident where my car was totaled and not an hour later finding out my apartment was on fire, finding out I have a tumor in my parotid (saliva) gland, having to have surgery on both my feet, ex husband who cheated on me with a chaplain assistant, divorce in which I attempted to kill myself and almost succeed isnt enough He(God) has to add this. I think I started to turn away from Him after the divorce because who would allow stuff like this to happen to someone they love…I have tried to keep my faith but I am no longer strong anymore nor do I want to be. My 9 year old son will no doubt suffer as I slip in and out of depression and this now zombie life I am living in. I know life wasn’t supposed to be a bed of roses but I never thought it would be a bed of nails. And the bad thing about it is I now have to “move on” and go through life to support myself though I have days I dont want to get out of bed or do anything. There is no help, just the rudimentary “call this number or visit this and that website.” Not at all helpful and the one(God) I used to turn to when things were too hard to bear just keeps putting all this on me and I have no one to turn to now. He is not here with me.

    • Mike says:

      I can’t imagine the pain you are going through and I don’t pretend to have the answer why you have suffered, but I do know that you need help and support. Unfortunately, the internet is not the best place to find that. You need someone that you can talk to, a real person that you can establish a relationship with to help you through this. I encourage you to find a church where you can find the help you desperately need. Find a place where you can open up and share and work through the hurt and the pain you have experienced. Your son needs you, and I know you can pull through this.

      I will be praying for you, please contact me through https://www.faithengineer.com/about if I can help you in any way. God Bless

  28. Chris says:

    You have my sympathies Pam on what you are going through. It is horrible and I too share your thoughts on why God lets this happen. We are told Beloved my desire is that you be in health, and prosperous, and yet God lets us go through this hell on Earth and then wonders why so many turn away from him. We are told to continue giving praise, and thanks. And yet I can Not but wonder Would you ask an abused child to Thank their and praise their abuser? We are told That God is a loving, merciful God, and yet he sits back and does NOTHING to help those who are in such torment that it destroying and killing them bit by bit. And that we are to continue to worship, and praise God for the torment. is this Not like owning a business and being so over loaded with work that you hire help only they just sit back and do Nothing but watch and yet expect to be paid and praised!
    What is the sense in turning to God for help when he does NOTHING! What kind of a so called loving God see’s people hurting to the point that they are losing their minds, their hope, their health, and either killing themselves, or wanting to die! Tell me what kind of a son called loving God is that? God wonders why people turn from him? you know when you kick a dog long enough it will turn on you.

  29. James says:

    Brother Mike,
    It is humbling to see the work God is doing through you. I know sometimes you must be shaken by the people God is sending you, but you truly are answering the call. You are reaching out the weary and poor in spirit. You are lifting up the ones who need it most. I just wanted to post and to tell you to keep it up. If you ever need someone to talk to or lean on, never hesitate to call or email me.
    I speak grace over you in the name of Jesus.

    Your Brother in Christ,

  30. mjc says:

    Say what you want think what you will but it doesn’t change the truth! What the Bible says is truth! God is truth! Perhaps those of us who continue going through hardships of unimaginable proportions is because we have not yet said…”Though He slay me yet will I trust Him”
    Now we see life as through a dark glass but one day we will know and understand. We are not promised that now. But so many of us think we are entitled to more than we deserve. Have we lived our life as perfectly as is humanly possible and suffer to the point of death and still say…”not my will but Your will be done” and willingly lovingly suffer and die for not only the undeserving but also for ones own murderer when innocent of all wrongdoing? Who am I to say and think I am or should be above pain and suffering? I look forward to eternity with my Savior!! For then there will be no more tears or suffering or pain…..only then….we can make it Dear friends….in and with Christ as our strength, our for runner,our example…We Can Make It!! As we encourage each other and pray for each other in these end times!!! God is good! He truly is! Believe it or not! He lives! And He cares about and loves each and every one of us! Believe in Jesus! Keep the faith! Praying for all those who are hurt and broken…reach out to Jesus and hold on tight! When you are weak He wil hold onto you if you dont turn your heart away from Him. Believe in Him…you don’t have to feel Him. Pain and depression and anger will cause you not to feel His presence but just keep believing until you do! Just do it! Even if all you can do is cry “Jesus help me” “Jesus help me” over and over and over again!!! Love Him more than your life!

  31. Dove says:

    No one here needs to worry that they are being abandoned or punished by God. Pain is just a part of being a sinner, but at least Jesus took care of the REALLY hard part, the part you would have had to bear yourself had he not died n your stead… the punishment is over now, so don’t believe Satan’s lies when he suggests to you that God must not care about you.

    Think of what Jesus did for us. Talk about taking on more than one can bear! It can’t get more unbearable than being nailed to a cross for crimes you didn’t commit, or being beaten beyond recognition for telling the truth, or becoming the object of God’s wrath to the point of death, right? That’s just about the worse thing I can think of, and Jesus couldn’t bear it either! In fact, He died in the process of dealing with our griefs and our sorrows- the very ones we are so saddened by.

    Don’t be sad… God has a plan and sometimes our suffering isn’t only for ourselves. Take courage, as you’re not being punished. That is gone forever… but while sin remains you must endure a while longer. Don’t believe Satan’s lies and think that God isn’t sympathetic to your suffeings. We have a sympathetic Saviour who DOES care, and who went before us.

    We may be in discomfort, or even pain, but at least we can know that we AREN’T being penalized because He took care of the penalty.
    We will live through it all and conquer death itself. We have HOPE, and we must try to lean on each other to remember that.

    We aren’t going to be condemned or judged, because He became the object of our judgement in our stead. God loves us ALL.

    We have a sympathetic Savior who understands what we’re going through. He did it first, and we can do it too. He will help us finish the race.

  32. Anonymous says:

    i am also at my breaking point. i don’t too much care about what else i am supposed to do, how much more faith i am supposed to have…blah blah blah. i’m TIRED! i keep receiving blessings alright. i’m blessed to have multiple sclerosis, i accepted it happily, and now realize that the only thing that happened was that i traded my mental depression for a physical one. my husband’s car broke down, that’s our only transportation for him to go to and from to work and to transport our child anyplace. NOW – there’s a local bus we can catch, but guess what? Miss Blessed with MS cant walk up and down that steep hill everyday to get to it. Especially if we go grocery shopping! My arms can’t carry the weight of all those bags. And wonderful, the lights are still on…too bad we can’t afford anything else but the doggone lights so we sit there and look at eachother all night. i had to take a huge paycut because of the MS, which i didn’t complain about, but now i can’t afford to buy my child underwear when she needs them. COME ON!! i struggle EVERYDAY just to get up out the house, and while i realize that I am thankful for the ability to walk (as I really shouldn’t be able to right now), I take the bus to work, work all day no matter how ill (two weeks ago i had an IV needle in my arm at work all week!), i walk four blocks from the bus to my job, work all day when my cognitive skills have been severley damaged because of an attack, take a trolley, then a bus to get home, then walk a half a mile to my house after going to the store to p/u whatever i couldn’t carry from the day before, go home, cook, clean, homework with my child, laundry, blah blah blah. Everytime the phone rings it’s a bill collector. Everytime a piece of mail comes it’s a bill we can’t afford. My landlord is old and continues to accuse us of skipping two NONconsecutive months of rent (how does THAT happen?) so we’re constantly having to prove that we did pay…I AM TIRRRREEEEDDDDD!

    SO – I quit. I don’t even care anymore how the heck it’s going to be. It’s His Will, His plan, and I am just here. I’m sad that He blessed me with a child I cannot care for, I’m sad that He blessed me and my family with things we need and cannot use. BUT WHO CARES??? I’m TOO TIRED to care anymore. I just quit. Plain and simple. When the bill collector calls i’ll tell him that God said He would handle it, no matter how idiotic I sound, because I freakin quit! I am too tired.

    You can’t give me a dihabiliting disease and then dump MOUNTAINS on my shoulders and expect me to properly function. Sometimes I’m glad I don’t understand God’s logic, because sometimes to me it seems as though there is no logic. Just madness.


    • Mike says:

      I want to encourage you to remain strong. I can tell that you are tired and weary, and I don’t pretend to know what you are going through. But I do know that people do care. One of the great things about being connected to a local church is the love and support you can receive there. I have seen so many examples of people in our church helping one another.

      I’ll be praying for you. Please also understand that the sickness and disease we face in this world is not as God intended. We live in a fallen world full of evil and pain. We can look forward to the time where there will be no more tears and no more pain. (Revelation 21:4)

      DON’T GIVE UP! God does care.

      • sants n swords says:

        you know brotha..i have thought about suicide many times..
        becuase LIFE on earth is S***…im jsut gonna say it…..yea people say its what you make of it..and its a choice to be happy..when in reality…we are slaves to technology we have been brainwashed by society..and the government to rely and depend on the BIGGER AND BETTER THings..so we are never satisfied..wonder why the worst thangs happen to people who need help the most/ famous people never have hard ships..im so disguisted with how OUR world works…only to trick us into thinkin we should party our lifes away, you only live once, live it up..or i need the newwest clothes..newest phones..more money more money…ITS ***** SICKENING and that mentality is why our world sucks..but its life…and we DONT have to deal with it..but i think we should…cuz the more our lives suck and we put all our faith in the lord and strive to do our best and help a planet that will never function properly again..will be very rewarding when its all done with..and not for the rewards or benefits but because its how jesus woulda done it…..

        AND THIS is some really real s***…straight from thesoulbrotha

        keep your head up dogg..look to the heavens they havent forgot about you

        • saints n swords says:

          i know my words may be brutal
          but its raw feelings and to be honest
          our world / society wouldnt hesitate to swallow us whole and leave us in the belly of the beast…thats the reality of our world..
          but its faith and love and hopefullness that we have the power to keep goin

  33. carl says:

    I was looking for hope that I could resist my temtations. Ive spent several hours bible study investigating predestination (that my life is already written in his book of life and he know I will never come to him so I am comdemed before birth) I concluded that god still give me a free choice to accept him or not) So I Also concluded that I do have a choice. so why have the choice to resist sin if you can’t have the strength or will power.

  34. anyone but me please says:

    I am at my breaking point .I have always been a pretty strong positive person but I am completely lost right now. I had to grow up young because daddy walked out when us 3 kids were little and my mother worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs to support us. And her alcohol addiction but it was normal to us so we didn’t feel like it was a bad life at all and I still don’t but maybe got cheated on childhood a little being the middle child but oldest girl I assumed most of the home responsibilities and I still turned out ok but lately I can’t handle anymore .I moved out of my family home and my boyfriend and I got are own place when I was 18 at 19 I had my daughter by the age of 21 we owned are own business bought a house and had my son 2 days before my 22 birthday. Life was perfect. I was never greedy and would give anyone anything they needed more than I (growing up poor makes you humble after all) But things changed fast the economy went bad the business went under we lost everything house, car ,not to mention the debt we were left with IRS from self employed short-saled house. the list went on .It was hard but landed back at moms for a while I immediately hit the pavement and got a job we were still thankful we were happy kids are healthy just pick up and start again we did . after a while and a little sibling crazy boyfriend drama and my other half not finding a job for two years we found a house for rent. we could do anything life kept kicking us down but as long as we were together we were going to be alright. past debt haunted us levied bank accounts when we barely made bills as it was . we endured …10/29/2012 Sandy claimed are house and everything we owned we lost everything. fema gave us 2 months rental assistance and denied are damages on December 15th we signed a lease on a new house with my mom . I used my whole tax check to furnish the house . She stopped drinking for a long time but shes now hitting the bottle again . Than I left my job for another job that was more money and after only a week they said I didn’t fit in .yes I didn’t fit in ” I was very knowledgeable at my job and an excellent worker .don’t ever hesitate to use us as reference but I just don’t think you fit in here ” that’s what I was told . My previous job filled the position and I am jobless unemployment denied me for leaving voluntarily I wasn’t at the second place long enough to collect . and I cant find a job I look everyday. I cant pay my bills and we rely on his $600-$700 BIWEEKLY PAYCHECK in NJ stressed isn’t the word. 2 days ago after 11yrs and 2 kids I found out he s been cheating for the past 3months and kicked him out rent is due tomorrow and he was supposed to drop off $600 today he left me $200 and had his new girlfriend drive him here to do it. I am a mess my kids are a mess my 6yr old thinks is his fault my mom is drunk I went and applied for help today but they wont do anything as long as he is on the lease and I cant ask for a new one when I cant even pay it tomorrow. My car insurance is due in 3 days my brakes on my car went out today I lost my best friend and I am stuck with my mother that I didn’t want to live with in the first place . I am a fighter and I didn’t let things get me down all my life but right now I am completely defeated and I don’t know how to pull myself together I am failing my babies my only reason to live . god please help I cant breathe anymore

    • its ok says:

      I posted this yesterday and this may sound crazy but it was proven to me today he really does come when the load is too heavy. I have prayed through many things in my life the good and bad and have always had to work through those bad times myself . sometimes that weight seemed to take forever to slowly become bearable. today my children and I went to see my brother in law who was recently sent home with hospice you think that would add more pressure but no for the first time in about 7 yrs I saw the boy I knew and loved. We get together and visit like normal families several times a year but he changed somewhere and it hasn’t been him in a long time but I am so happy he was there today the real him. I was still weighed down with everything else and still broken but it was nice to see the real him again . we were there for a couple of hours spending time together when it happened I experienced the worst panic attack I had ever felt I literally could not take a single breath it felt like the air was being squeezed out of me. pain pure pain and then it was gone all of it a complete calm . my problems are still there but it will be ok. I know it sounds like BS because that’s what I would think to myself . never happened before no matter how hard I prayed but it did today. I am not angry at him or her or myself I could have killed them if they were in front of me 2min before but not now I am not sad or hurt or anything but serine I actually want to comfort his hurt as crazy as that sounds. I will not be with him but I forgive and a higher power truly lifted that . I will pray that those in need will also experience this miracle that I have .

      • Thank you for sharing how God carried you through the storm. Philippians 4:19 says “And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.” Life is not easy, and we each have our own trials and problems, but God does care about us. In reading through the comments on this post, my heart hurts for those who are going through incredibly tough times, but I know that God can give them peace, and even joy, in the midst of their pain. Thanks again for sharing.

  35. TheVeryTruth says:

    all that i would have wanted from God was to hopefully be blessed to meet a good woman to share my life with since many women nowadays are so very mean and nasty to meet, especially when they will curse at us men for trying to start a conversation with with the one that we would really like to meet. and i was very shocked when this happened to me since i didn’t do anything wrong to cause this to happen to me in the first place, and i know other men that had this happened to them as well. makes me wonder how many Gay Women that we have out there nowadays that are adding to our problem.

  36. Mich says:

    So today I was angry and that’s why I was searching the internet and read this website. I had a bone to pick with God. I felt like the lady who has waited on God 14 years but my problems started 5 years ago. Hearing everyone’s sad stories including my own. I’ve realized that none of us have stopped to thank God for the little things he does give us. Maybe it would make us more grateful..this coming from me who just a moment ago in my mind told God he didn’t care or loved me and only cared about himself! I can’t believe I became so bold to think that..how sad..I told him I hated him because he keeps giving me more than I can handle. I told him I needed more proof than believing his word that says he loves me but needed to see it in action. Well it was a blessing in disguise. This site made me realize how many things I don’t have but at the same time how many good things I do. For the person with MS count your blessings, the other woman who lost her child would love to just be able to see hers..for the one who has waited for a husband and loves people, I bet u have lots of Good friendships at church that most don’t. My husband left me and my 3 kids and I’ve gone without things but never with out what I need. I’m grateful that I have 3 kids when I know some women can’t have any. I may not have a husband but I have good friends, maybe not the biggest house but I have a home, yes I have to work now and spend less time with my kids but since my bills aren’t big debt it’s only a part time. The way my husband has treated me and left me is more pain than I think I can bear at times because he is still cruel. I’m thankful for my little boys smile. I’m thankful for my little girls singing praises in the morning. I’m thankful for my family and friends. I’m thankful for Gods provision when I couldn’t have made it on my own with out him. Let’s not praise him about the ugly things because it’s just depressing but I challenge each of u to find good things to praise him for and be grateful. It may not remove our problems but it will change our perspective. I’m thankful I found this website because it made me realize I’m not the only one hurting this much. I pray God comforts each one of u in some way today 🙂

    • Mike says:

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I think we all take so many things for granted in life. It’s easy to focus on our struggle and forget God’s love, grace, and mercy. There are so many people hurting in this world because we live in a fallen world. I’m thankful that one day “He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” (Revelation 21:4)

  37. anonymous says:

    I don’t want to endure this life anymore…I’ve prayed, begged, cried out to God so many times…Things just get worse and worse… I try not to give up hope again and again, I’ve taken countless anti-depressants over the years with no help, talked to many counselors…
    I cry out to help me understand whatever I’m not getting, to open my mind and heart, to help keep me away negative thoughts despite all the horrible things that happen, that I want to give myself up completely – please take over and lead me out of this, I want to only know the truth and live by it, keep me away from thoughts of death…
    But nothing changes for the better, I just have to keep enduring worse pain… All my motivation and energy for life is taken from me, so I can’t even want to try anymore…
    I endured through things I didn’t think I could manage, and just when I start to feel like I could care about things again, that things were going to turn around, something worse happens…from since I was a child until now….

    The worst had been my father’s death when I was 24 which devastated me – and left my mom without income since the government wouldn’t see to help a disabled vietnam veteran’s widow… not even a funeral, we had to leave him marked as abandoned at the hospital, like he had no family….
    …and then my mom began to fall into mental/physical illness to the point that she isn’t herself anymore…Dealing with seeing her become like this – shaking and memory lost, inability to respond correctly, taking care of her, making sure she would eat… going to the emergency room multiple times from falls, cleaning up her blood from everywhere, etc… She can’t even get real medical care.. even though she spent my whole life taking care of my dad like a nurse, the government will leave her like this….

    Now I am 28, and this year have had my ability to walk taken from me by arthritis….
    I don’t know why this would happen, I am a normal weight, I exercised , eat healthy foods….
    Now I am in constant pain, cannot walk anywhere anymore, am just trapped in my house without help… and it was just when I was seeing hope again for things to be better…
    I don’t want to continue living, only to endure more and more… My heart is broken beyond repair now to keep calling out to God…to keep thinking if I just keep holding on, he’s going to bring me out of it THIS TIME….this time… this time… this time….

    The bible can say God loves us all it wants, I do not feel loved. I try to sit here being grateful for things, but it’s not enough to endure this pain and more to come…
    I can’t just think – it’s beyond our understanding to know why these things happen, but the bible says God loves us, so believe it and keep going!
    It doesn’t make me be able to keep going…Losing my ability to walk is too much for me to deal with now, it’s the last thing I can take…Even if I can get a wheelchair, I will still be trapped here in pain every day, there is no public transportation….
    I can’t keep trying, when things get worse, time and time again… I’m tired of enduring…
    I’m just supposed to endure for my whole life no matter how bad things get… thinking God loves me… Even if I end up living on the street now, I’m supposed to keep thinking God loves me and want to keep living….
    Meanwhile other people who have families, can walk and do things, joyfully saying how much God loves them… I’m just supposed to see that and think I am loved too?
    It’s just random luck or bad luck…. and it’s not fair….
    Yeah, many people get hit by difficult things to deal with, and many are able to endure because they are lucky enough to have other circumstances in their life to keep them going… But many other people don’t have those things….
    It’s not fair to expect people who are suffering so much to keep going, telling them God loves them….to just have faith!
    I can’t keep trying.. I am just one of the lost ones… But oh well, the bible says many won’t go to heaven, so the bible would be lieing if at least some people like me didn’t go to hell :\

  38. Sis says:

    If you still read this link I prayer for God to rescue you from this emotional pain and suffering. I prayer for a break and a miracle where you feel Christ’s loving arms around you. Anyone else reading this and relating to this dark depression you are not alone. God loves us and if you feel this way tell God. Read Philippians 4:6-7.

  39. JIM says:


  40. Dan says:

    Ask God short and sweet for that one person to come in your life with all the love and answers you need have a blessed day!

  41. abused by god says:

    god give me more than i can handle everyday god abuse me spiritual, i never lived just test after test after test, i feel that when job said he wish he died at birth

  1. August 30, 2009

    It’s only when you can’t bear the load that the strength of #Christ kicks and He becomes everything you need and more. http://bit.ly/c1Lmf