I just got back from a meeting with our praise team tonight. We had a great time discussing the flow of our worship services. We watched a video by Paul Baloche about leading worship which really kick-started our discussion. We decided we really need to work on how we start our services and how we end our services. One of the main takeaways from the video was the need to eliminate distractions in our worship service. What is taking the focus off of Christ? What can we do to help people connect with God? Overall we had several good ideas. Now we have to decide what to implement and when to do it.

As a church we have been blessed with a number of talented musicians and vocalists. Our talent level has allowed us to get by with a minimum amount of planning and coordination on Sunday mornings. But if we really want our services to flow and communicate the message more effectively, we have to start thinking through all the different aspects of each service. I’m looking forward to working with our worship team to come up with some new ideas.

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