If you are like most church leaders I know, you are exhausted from trying to establish an online ministry. I’ve talked to many pastors and leaders who are discouraged and frustrated, not knowing where to even begin.
For over a decade, I’ve been helping churches develop online ministries to reach their communities, and I want to do something to help even more churches during the pandemic.

I will be offering a free week-long workshop on Facebook to help church leaders develop a Facebook posting strategy that is effective and easy to implement. There are several Facebook secrets that most church leaders don’t know! I’ll guide you through the process, and help you develop a posting plan that is customized for your church. You can use Facebook to create conversations and build relationships with people in your church and in your community. We can do discipleship from a distance!

This workshop will start the week of November 16th, and I will be sharing the lessons I’ve learned about how to schedule posts, how to automate your process, and how to repurpose your teaching and sermon content to reach more people.  If you are interested in learning more, please sign up for the free workshop here.

And I have a big favor to ask. Help share this post with other church leaders who you think this free course would benefit. I really believe this workshop will have the potential to help churches be more effective in making disciples in their own communities.


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