Better Audio For Your Online Videos

For pastors and church leaders, one of the quickest ways to connect and share information online is live video. Whether you use Facebook live, Instagram live stories, or live stream through your website, we now have the opportunity to reach large audiences quickly. However, I’ve noticed there is a huge difference in the quality of videos online. When I watch a video that has poor audio, I typically quit watching. Good audio quality can make a mediocre video seem professional. While lighting and good cinematography will also help, quality audio is what will really set apart your video.

Thankfully, you have several options to improve the audio in your videos. I’ve seen many pastors doing either interview style videos or simply sharing information as they look at the camera. For most social media videos, I typically use my iPhone with a microphone connected. The main microphone I use for online videos is the Audio Technica ATR3350. For under $30, you can have a good quality wired lapel microphone that hooks directly into your mobile phone or camera. I also have a Shure MV88 condenser microphone that I use for music and for when I need to record multiple people. There are more expensive options out there, but these work well for live videos on social media. I’ve included a few more options below.

So the next time you want to share a video online, think about improving the audio. It only takes a second to hook up a microphone, and you’ll see a remarkable difference.

Here are a few products I mentioned in the blog post. Disclaimer, some of the hardware and service links are affiliate links. I only recommend products that I use and like, and the affiliate links help cover the cost of running this blog.





I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and I love technology. I've been married to Jennifer for 28 years, and we have three adult children.

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2 Responses

  1. Rebecca Mayers says:

    Hello, Mike! Thanks for the article. It’s helpful that you included products from Amazon. I like that your blog post is shopable. Are you doing any audio streaming at your church? Sometime we do audio streaming in our church for Sunday school teachers and other ministers who can’t be in the main auditorium. We’ve heard about an app called Interactio that other churches use for audio streaming and simultaneous interpretation. I read possitive reviews about it, too. Have you ever used it? On their webiste they have an interview with a church memeber who used it:
    What do you think about it? It help you save on the equipment which I think is great. Very good for international churches or hispanic speakers.

  2. Eric Martin says:

    Hey Mike, when using the Mevo ecosystem, what is the best way to get sound from the mixing console? Thanks in advance, Eric

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