Back in January, I shared about PictureLife, a new service we started using to backup and collect all our family photos and videos. So far, we have really liked it and enjoyed it, despite the $15 per month fee we are paying for the storage we need. However, I think that’s about to change. Just a few days ago, Google came out with a new strategy for Photos. Instead of using Google+, their photo app now is a standalone service.  And the best part, they offer free unlimited storage for 1080p videos and photos under 16MP.

One problem with services like PictureLife is whether or not they will still exist in a few years. PictureLife was recently acquired by Streamnation, and most of their employees left. They may do great, however, I’m unsure about their future. I have a feeling that Google will still be around for years to come. For that reason alone, I think we will be switching all our photos and videos to Google. And did I mention that it’s also completely free!

I really like Google Photos when compared to Apple Photos. The unlimited storage is a huge bonus, and the ability to search through your pictures is really cool (and creepy).  I’ve uploaded some of my photos and you can search through them with keywords.  Simply type beach, forest, rainbow, food, or anything else you can think of, and most of the time, Google will display your photos that are relevant. You can also search by location.

Click here to learn more about Google Photos

They offer apps for Android and iOS, and they also have a photo uploader for Mac and Windows.

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