Overcast: A Great App for Listening to Podcasts

For the last couple of months, I have started using the Overcast App for listening to Podcasts. I’m wishing I would have made the switch from the native iOS Podcast app much sooner. It’s only available on the iPhone, but it’s a great free app. It does have a few small ads, but you can remove them for a small fee of $9.99 per year. I liked the app so much that I wanted to pay for it to support future development.

If you don’t know what a podcast is, the best way to describe it like an internet radio program that you can listen to on-demand. Podcasts have episodes that you can subscribe to and listen to. The Overcast App simplifies the process by helping you find podcasts that you’re twitter friends are listening to. It downloads the new podcast episodes when you have wifi, and then automatically deletes them after you listen to them.

The best feature (and the one that drives my wife crazy) is the speed boost. You can drastically speed up the podcast episodes by cutting out and shortening the silence. I typically listen to most podcasts at about 1.6 times the normal speed. There are so many great podcasts out there. Here are a few great ones to check out and get started. Just do a quick search to add them.

We also offer our Cornerstone Sermons as a Podcast. This is a great way to listen each week and stay connected to what God is doing at our church in Galax. 


Leadership Podcasts

  • The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership
  • Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
  • The EntreLeadership Podcast
  • Rainer on Leadership
  • The Leadership Unstuck Podcast
  • Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast
  • This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
  • ChurchLeaders Podcast

Church Podcasts

  • The Village Church – Sermons
  • 200Churches Podcast
  • ChurchMag Podcast
  • unSeminary Podcast
  • Geek Pastor
  • New Churches Q&A
  • Pro Church Podcast

What are your favorite Podcasts? Leave a comment and let me know.



I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and I love technology. I've been married to Jennifer for 28 years, and we have three adult children.

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  1. Michael Curl says:

    I just discovered your site and have been perusing your articles. I was drawn in by your Ubiquiti Unifi review. It has been very helpful and has given me a budget goal within our church.
    As to this post: I have been using Overcast for a little over a year (and following Marco’s and Jim’s Apple related exploits for many more). I love the app and it is my primary podcast listening app. Thank you for adding to my collection of must-listen-to podcasts. I subscribed to a few already, but will be checking out these new additions.

    Short version: I second your recommendation (for any who needed further opinions) of this app!

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