We had an awesome service today, but I’m ready to get some rest. My voice is shot. I’ve had a chest cold for several days and I started coughing late Saturday night and it continued all Sunday morning. At least it continued until it was time for me to preach. God carried my voice through the sermon and afterward my throat felt like it had a tennis ball lodged inside. I managed to make it through youth tonight, but I really don’t feel like talking tonight. I’m excited about what we did at Cornerstone this morning. I will post more details tomorrow. If you want to know now, then check out the Cornerstone blog here.

Sunday nights are always such a rush of emotions. You crash back down after all the adrenaline rush of preaching and teaching, but you’re on a Spiritual high because you know that God is transforming lives. I just want to follow the Holy Spirit and say and teach what God puts on my heart. This morning, I was able to speak passionately, because I knew I had heard from God. That’s always a great feeling.

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