We Have An Incredible Opportunity

I mentioned in a previous post that we have an awesome opportunity as a church. I can’t go into too many details yet because nothing is finalized, but I wanted to share just a little. We have the opportunity to rent a 6900 sq. foot room downtown. Our plans are to turn it into a multi-functional hangout for church. We want to add a stage area with seating, a coffee shop area with tables, rec areas with games, seating areas, and church offices.

How could we use a building like this? Why I’m glad you asked. Here are some of the possible uses we have talked about.

  • Youth Meetings: I love the teens, but having more than 25 teens in my living room is tough. It’s loud, there are a ton of distractions, and it’s not an environment that is conducive to inviting friends.
  • Church Offices: I’m working out of my home right now. Which means that when I’m studying, I’m constantly having to move around. Kids are downstairs, I go upstairs. When the kids are upstairs, I go to the basement. I love them, but we really need a place for meeting with people and a quiet place to study sometimes.
  • Small Group Meetings: We have several small groups that really don’t have room for childcare. This would be a cozy, intimate environment that would be great for small group meetings.
  • New Service Opportunities: I have been praying about creating a young-adult service for several years. This would be the perfect place to start a Saturday night service to reach out to teens, college students, and young adults.
  • Hanging Out: We could open it up on weekend nights. We could open it up after school. We could open it up after football games. Just having an awesome place to hangout with free wifi and good coffee will be an incredible opportunity to draw people in.
  • Community Use: Local businesses could use it for conferences and business meetings. Wedding receptions could be held here. And as a church we could use it for all different kinds of community outreach and training events.
  • Sunday Services?: Who knows, it might even workout so that we wouldn’t have to setup in a gym every week.

Now, for this to become reality, we need to do a few things. First, PRAY!!!! And secondly, we need to move from talking about engaging our community to actually doing it. And finally, we will need help with furnishing and equipping this center. Nothing is finalized yet, but we feel like God is definitely leading us to make this commitment. This excites me like crazy, but it also scares me because I know that God is getting ready to do some amazing things. I better buckle in and hold, because I have a feeling we’re in for an interesting ride.

And we need a name. Faith’s Place, Cornerstone Loft, The Upper Room, Cornerstone Downtown, Stoners (on second thought, that might not work : ) …. What are some more? Leave me a comment if you have any ideas. And don’t forget to PRAY!!!


I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and I love technology. I've been married to Jennifer for 28 years, and we have three adult children.

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