Okay, what lame brained marketing genius came up with the cease and desist idea for churches having super bowl parties. Of all the bad publicity the NFL has gotten this year (see Cincinnati’s familiarity with the local police as one example, Michael Vick as another), do they really want to make a statement that churches can’t get together and watch the game, although its alright if in a sport’s bar? I had a bunch of teenagers in my basement watching on a 8 foot screen with a projector when Janet Jackson decided to flash the world. They should be thankful that churches are giving them another chance and giving them free publicity by encouraging people to watch the game. What frustrates me even more is that in this year’s Super Bowl, there are 2 head coaches who are committed Christians. Do companies actually lose sight of their customer base? I hope they change this decision soon. Absolutely Crazy

Baptist Press Article and Sports Illustrated Article

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