I haven’t posted much lately because I have been pretty busy at home. We have been switching all the kids bedrooms around. Emma is going into Drew’s old room, Drew is going into Luke’s old room, and Luke is going into Emma’s old room. Are you confused yet? Because trying to coordinate all the furniture, toys, and stuff is crazy right now.

This all started because my old office room, which had it’s own bathroom, turned into a nursery when Drew was born. Now he is climbing out of his crib all the time, so we decided it was time for a change. Emma wants that room so she can have her own bathroom and get away from the boys. Luke wanted Emma’s room because of the big closet, and Drew gets leftovers since he is the youngest. But they are all excited and we have been busy moving all their stuff around. The only complication is that Luke’s new room has this real ‘girly’ carpet with a flower pattern all over it. So we are going to put down a new wood floor in his room. So I plan on being busy at night for the next week or two while we get everything settled. It’s Trading Spaces, family style.

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