U2 in 3D

Jenni and I went to Dublin yesterday and on our way back, we stopped by Wytheville to see the new concert movie U23D. It was amazing to watch a concert in 3D with a great sound system at the movies. The movie was really just the concert with no behind the scenes backstage footage, but the concert was awesome.

It was a little weird since we went to the 5 o’clock show and only two other people were in the theater to see the movie. I think it would be really fun to see in a packed theater with everyone on their feet and singing along. With the whole 3D feel of the movie and the crowd, it would have really felt like you were there. I’ve been a big fan of U2’s music. I really think that most modern worship music has been heavily influenced by U2’s sound. Anyway, below are a couple of previews about the movie from youtube.


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