picture1On Tuesday November 14th, I’ll be facilitating a leadership meeting at The Crossroads Institute. I’ll be taking a group through Andy Stanley’s excellent DVD study on Becoming a Great Staff. This is a great opportunity for pastors, business leaders, and local civic and educational leaders to come together and learn from each other.

We’ll meet at 11:30am at The Higher Education Center for the Crossroads Institute. It is located at 208 Cranberry Road in Galax, and lunch will be available for $5 a plate. If you know of anyone else who might be interested in attending, encourage them to call 276-236-0391 or email registration@crossroadsva.org to register.

Here is more information for the workshop.


What makes a great team or a great staff? What causes people to look at your organization and think, “Now there’s a team that knows how to work together”? The answers to these questions are found in one simple habit that every leader and organization can embrace immediately.

Together, we will go through a video session by Andy Stanley who will help explain how to build a culture of trust in your organization. Using real-life examples, he uncovers several best practices (and several not-so-great practices) for becoming a great team.

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