I always enjoy the super bowl commercials. This year the game was as good as the commercials! Here are all the commercials. My favorites were G.I. Joe, Laughing my Butt off, Land of the Lost, Mean Troy, Monster-Need a new job, Sprint-Roadies, and E-trade – talking babies. Memorable commercials are humorous and they relate to your life. They remind you of past experiences and create in you a desire to find out more.

Our message of the Gospel is so much more important than these commercials, so why do most churches make it the most boring hour of the week? Our focus is telling the story of Christ through the truth of God’s word, but we should do everything short of sin to convey that message in a powerful way.

and yes, all these commercials aren’t Christ-honoring, but I trust you have good judgment and discernment.

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