I just posted about my crazy weekend. So what did I learn

  • Going to two services on Sat./Sun. is not hard from a preaching standpoint. It actually helped improve the second message. I was able to get a full nights sleep and wake up excited instead of anxious.
  • Children’s Ministry is going to be the key to add a Saturday night service every week. We have to come up with a good system to not burn out our workers.
  • I have an awesome wife!! She truly respects and believes in me and that means everything.
  • We have incredible talent for a church our size. It is crazy that we have so many talented musicians!
  • This Saturday night service has the potential to reach people who would never step foot in church. It’s the same truthful hard-hitting message, packaged in an environment that fosters discussion and relationships. I can’t wait for the next one!
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