Homeschooling Thoughts

Each year, Jennifer and I make the decision whether to continue homeschooling or send our kids to public schools.  Private or Christian schools aren’t an option in our small town.   This year was a first.  We decided to send Emma to 4th grade at the elementary school and continue homeschooling Luke for 3rd grade.  When it comes to educating children, every parent must realize that they are responsible for teaching children about God, whether they are in public school or not.   We know and respect many homeschool parents as well as public school parents, and we made our decision based on what we felt God telling us and on what was best for our child.  I don’t get caught up in the endless debates of homeschooling vs public schooling, and I’m excited about Emma getting the opportunity to let God shine through her this year in school.

My wife Jennifer had a series of posts on her blog about homeschooling that were excellent. She says it much better than I could.
Part 1 – Homeschooling Advantages
Part 2 – Public School Advantages

fyi: I using Google Chrome to write this post – it’s clean, fast, and sleek – I’m still not sure if I would use it over firefox.


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