Another hard game to watch. The Hokies just didn’t get it done last night in the Orange Bowl. I attribute it to poor offensive coaching and poor execution. Tech definitely had the bigger, stronger, and faster athletes, but they gave up too many big plays and had too many mistakes. The sad part is that even after 3 turnovers, they still had a chance. I haven’t watched as much Hokie football this year as I normally do, and that’s probably a good thing. I get too frustrated and mad watching them make stupid mistakes. They had the talent this year to be a great team.

But it takes more than talent. It takes heart, preparation, effort, execution, and teamwork. Those are all characteristics that apply in church leadership as well. The foundation of success in any church is obedience to the Holy Spirit, but there is effort required on our part. And if you don’t have passion or excitement about what God is calling you to do and be, then have you really heard from God?

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