This is a great video about how college has changed. I graduated 12 years ago and in that short time there have been incredible changes. My senior year was the first year that we really had email. We had to use a modem and we were excited when we got a 14.4 connection. I remember downloading the first graphical web browser the day it was released. In college I learned how to do gopher and archie searches on the net (this really makes me feel old). In high school we learned how to program punch cards. Now kids take laptops to class with high speed wireless connections everywhere on campus. Take a look at this and see what you think. Should it effect how we communicate to our teens and younger adults in church? I think if we don’t adapt our methods to reach this connected generation, we will be wondering where all our young people have gone. Incorporating blogs, web 2.0 applications like facebook, and text messaging are just some of the steps that we need to be thinking about.

(ht to Marko for the video)

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