There is no "I" in Team

After reading this article in the Roanoke Times, I had to post my thoughts. Virginia Tech switched quarterbacks and has chosen a true freshman, Tyrod Taylor to start. Below are the comments from Sean Glennon, who started all last year and was just pulled as the starter. Now I don’t know Sean and I don’t know Tyrod. But I do know that the coaches have publically stated that they made the decision based on what was best for the team, not based on individual strengths or weaknesses. I couldn’t help but notice that Glennon’s comments had absolutely nothing to do with the team. Notice how much he used the pronoun I below.

In ministry we must be careful to not start thinking it is all about us. We need to do what is best for the church, not what is best for us as individuals. Sometimes that means stepping back from something we enjoy doing, so that someone that is a better fit can start serving. I hope that I will always be gracious and willing to let others take over responsibilities that I now hold if it will enable the church to reach more people for Christ.

“This morning was definitely a shock,” he said after practice Monday. “I never thought I’d get the reins taken from me this early on.”

“Five quarters seems too quick to just give up on someone after a year starting,” he said. “I get the MVP in the spring, do well in scrimmages and camp. I felt like it was very rushed. Maybe they had a plan to play Tyrod the whole time because it just didn’t feel like the season played out long enough for them to say, ‘All right, Sean’s not our guy.’ “

I hope the coaches realize that I need to be on the field this year,” he said. “But if they don’t, and at the beginning of next season I know [that], … I think a lot of programs would be willing to take me.”

But I feel like I’m good enough to play on any team in this country.

“Not to say I’ll make it, but I feel like I have a shot at the next level. And obviously I’m not going to not do everything I can to get there. I’d love to stay here, but if they only plan on letting me call signals, obviously I’m going to have to re-evaluate things.”

I just really felt like this year, with me being so much improved, that they were going to really stick with me through thick and thin.”

“A lot of people disagree, I know, but I think I’m pretty good,” Glennon said. “I really think under ideal circumstances, my arm can match up with any defense in the country.


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