Thanks to fellow pastor Mark Batterson, I now know that “that African elephants poop eighty pounds per day” and that cows can really put out some serious emissions. Makes me glad to live in the country. It reminds me of one day a couple of years ago when Emma came running to me and told me we had cows in our back yard. Before we managed to find out where they came from (with the help of the local police I might add), they managed to make quite a few deposits in our yard. I guess cows not only make cheese, they cut it as well!

According to a United Nations Report, cow “emissions” are the greatest threat to the environment.

The 400-page report by the Food and Agricultural Organization, Livestock’s Long Shadow, says that the world’s 1.5 billion cattle are responsible for 18 per cent of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. That is more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.

Cow farts account for 9% of all carbon dioxide emissions. Their “wind” and manure account for more than 33% of methane. And their farts produce 100 other polluting gases including ammonia, one of the major causes of acid rain.

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