What’s Going on at Virginia Tech

I have to admit it, I’m a college football addict. But when you look at the on-field and off-field problems at many of the major universities, you have to wonder where we have gone wrong. College athletics has turned into big business, and character means nothing as long as you are winning. Two recent examples.

Virginia Tech – This is my school, my team, but it gets to a point where you are beyond frustrated with the players and coaching staff. From the Marcus Vick saga to the suspensions this year to the BC game last week with the players fighting and turning on each other, you just sense that the team has a serious lack of character. This blog post has some good info about the recent events. And it’s not just the players, it the fans as well. The picture in the previous link says it all. What a sad commentary on intercollegiate athletics. Coach Beamer has said he is cracking down on the attitude problems, but only time will tell what actually happens.

Miami – Check out this webpage. Miami had a special day to encourage kids to join a team, not a gang. They brought 700 kids to watch the Miami-FIU game and the kids got to witness a huge riot on the field. Great example guys! And for your part in the fight, you get to skip the Duke game. If you did that on the street, you would be pulling time. I don’t know about you, but the suspensions for Miami are laughable. Until the NCAA really starts providing adequate consequences for these on-field riots, I’m afraid we will see more and more.

The Miami Dade Police Department kicked off their annual “Join-a-Team, Not-a-Gang program on Tuesday, October 10th. This Saturday, the Miami Dade Police Department will bring about 700 children to the Miami vs. FIU football game as part of the program.


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