Here is a link to a press release about our church. We are starting to work with the Community Design Assistance Center (CDAC) of Virginia Tech. They are helping us come us with a master site plan for our church property. I’m excited about the increased visibility that this will bring us in our community. We really emphasized at our meeting Wednesday night that the land and facilities are just a tool to connect people to God.

I think this is a great way to build bridges between our community, our church, and the closest university. It’s a great learning opportunity for the students involved, and it helps us clearly define our vision for the property. Anyway, here’s a quote from the press release.

The students and staff at the center will be working closely with church representatives to develop a conceptual master plan for the church’s site. Adjacent landowners will also be engaged in the design process. Possible features of the site, in addition to the church itself and plantings, will include walking trails, an amphitheatre, a playground, camping sites, a location for showing movies outside, bus parking, recreational fields, covered picnic shelters, a skate park, and a climbing wall.

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