Youth Sunday

We had a neat service Sunday, one that really stretched me as a youth leader. The youth praise band did a great job with the music and some of the youth shared and encouraged each other. I then spoke about why youth ministry is important. But here’s the catch, I really just wanted to speak from the heart so I didn’t really prepare anything. That goes against my every instinct. I usually over prepare and have tons of notes and this time, I just shared what I was thinking. I think it went well, but for me to let go and let God guide me is tough. I shared how a youth minister led me to Christ back in 1985, and how he impacted my life. I shared why as a church we need to be committed to reaching youth in a postmodern society. I shared how technology has created a generation that is super-connected, but yet relationally dis-connected. And I closed by challenging our church and the parents to think about 7 principles that every teenager should know. I took these principles from Andy Stanley’s book, The Seven Checkpoints. I usually don’t get nervous, but I had trouble sleeping and I was in a knot before church even started. But God really taught me some good lessons in trust this weekend.

I did have a top ten list of what youth typically do during the message. I got a few of these off of the simply jr. high forums and the rest I added myself.

Top 10 Ways in Church to Simulate Teaching Teenagers
If you ever want to make a youth pastor feel comfortable while he speaks in “big” church, then try the following

  1. Turn around and talk with your friend two rows back as loud as you can during the message
  2. Punch the person next to you as hard as you can for no reason
  3. Fold up any handouts and tear off corners to make paper airplanes or footballs
  4. Accidentally stab yourself with your pencil while poking holes in your bulletin and shout out “I hurt myself, what should I do?”
  5. Sit on your chair the wrong way by either sitting on your legs or sticking your legs through the back of the chair causing you to get stuck and fall into another person.
  6. See how many different bodily noises you can make during the message
  7. Ask a question that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of the message
  8. Text message a friend
  9. Get up with 5 other people around you and go to the restroom
  10. Be completely honest and share your struggles and failures in front of the group!!!


I am a former design engineer who now pastors Cornerstone Community Church in Galax, Virginia. I'm passionate about following Jesus and I love technology. I've been married to Jennifer for 28 years, and we have three adult children.

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