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Sleep Can Be Your Friend 0

Sleep Can Be Your Friend

I have been on a crazy schedule since Daylight Savings Time changed. I am still functioning based on the old time. I go to bed after 1am and get up around 8:30am and just...

Our Wildlife Refuge 1

Our Wildlife Refuge

If you have ever been to my house at night, you know that we have a lot of wildlife around our house. We live in the city limits and since you can’t hunt inside...

No 24 til January 0

No 24 til January

The biggest casualty of the writer’s strike has to be my favorite show 24 on Fox. It has been postponed til next January. At least I have time to watch some of the earlier...

My Guitar Hero Page 1

My Guitar Hero Page

Here is my Guitar Hero webpage. It shows my current status. I’m still stuck on the last few hard songs. I’ve completed a few of the expert songs, but I have a long way...

Exploding Batteries 2

Exploding Batteries

About a year ago, one of our smoke detectors which is hard wired in the house started beeping so I went to change the back-up battery. I couldn’t open the battery door and I...

A Youth Pastor’s Nightmare 1

A Youth Pastor’s Nightmare

This is hilarious. I just crack up every time I see this. You know that the students never let him live this down.

Guitar Hero or Blog? 0

Guitar Hero or Blog?

My blogging has slowed down for a few days, but hopefully I’ll get back to my normal posting schedule. I usually post after the kids go to bed, and I have been using that...

Happy Thanksgiving 0

Happy Thanksgiving

I love this commercial! (HT to Ben)

My ankle looks like it has a softball inside… 0

My ankle looks like it has a softball inside…

I was out in the driveway playing tennis with the kids this afternoon and I stepped off the curb and sprained my ankle. I went down to the ground like a 300lb fat man...

I Feel Appreciated 0

I Feel Appreciated

I wanted to thank everybody in the church for gift card to Circuit City for pastor appreciation month. In honor of pastor appreciation month, here are some comments I’ve gotten about being a full...

I’m Still a Kid 1

I’m Still a Kid

I had a salesman stop by the house a few days ago trying to sell some food. When I answered the door, he actually asked if my parents were home. Now get this, I’m...