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What a Week! 0

What a Week!

Sorry for the lack of posting, I’ve been swamped this week.  Here’s what a crazy week looks like for me.  This weekend will be especially brutal. Monday – Work all day, Elders meeting at...

Unbelievable Headline 0

Unbelievable Headline

I was reading through the news last night and came across this; Flatulence forces emergency landing Can you imagine being questioned by the FBI about who lit the match on a plane? Come on,...

Salsa, Contacts, and Pain 0

Salsa, Contacts, and Pain

I had a unique experience Sunday night. We were on our way home from the beach when we stopped to eat at our local Mexican restaurant, Tlaquepaque. The food was fast and great as...

Cannonball !! 0

Cannonball !!

I saw this on America’s Funniest Home Video a few weeks ago. I have a feeling that this kid was in a little trouble after the service. Hilarious.

Number 100!! 0

Number 100!!

I reached a blogging milestone today. This is post #100. When I started, I didn’t know how long I would keep doing it. But I have found that it is almost like a journal...

Psoriasis Psucks 1

Psoriasis Psucks

Those of you who know me, know that I have some crazy skin problems. I’ve had moderate to severe psoriasis for about the past ten years. This time of year it really gets irritating....

Forked, Part 2 0

Forked, Part 2

We woke up Sunday morning to discover a yard full of plastic utensils yet again. This time I took a picture of it. During my message on Sunday I talked about how during Catalyst,...

Lockdown 0


Last Friday was a scary day at the local high school and middle school. A student saw an adult hiding in the stairway in the gym. When the teacher went to check, he ran...

Weird Al 0

Weird Al

Just saw this over at Josh Griffin’s Blog. The scary thing is I can relate to this guy! White and Nerdy.

Church Land, Baptism, and Swimming Pools 0

Church Land, Baptism, and Swimming Pools

Above is a picture of the land that our church has bought. Eighteen acres of flat beautiful land that God has provided. I think it is absolutely amazing that our little church has already...