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What type of world do we live in? Sanjaya stays and Chris Sligh is gone? Chris was a worship leader at Seacoast Church in Greenville, SC. A real good guy and now he is...

I’m Still Here 1

I’m Still Here

No, I haven’t quit blogging, I’ve just been pretty slammed this week. At work, we have been busy getting a whole line of prototype weight lifting machines done for a big Fitness show in...

I Must Be Getting Dumber at Work 0

I Must Be Getting Dumber at Work

After reading this article, it makes me realize why I hate long meetings so much. I have read several articles lately about brainstorming not being an efficient way to come up with new ideas....

Super Bowl Nonsense 0

Super Bowl Nonsense

Okay, what lame brained marketing genius came up with the cease and desist idea for churches having super bowl parties. Of all the bad publicity the NFL has gotten this year (see Cincinnati’s familiarity...

Say What? 0

Say What?

Here’s a headline that will catch your attention: Naked Greased Student Interrupts Lunch

Cow Farts & Elephant Poop 0

Cow Farts & Elephant Poop

Thanks to fellow pastor Mark Batterson, I now know that “that African elephants poop eighty pounds per day” and that cows can really put out some serious emissions. Makes me glad to live in...

Extreme Makeover: Office Edition 0

Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

Check out YSMarko’s post on creative ways to decorate your office. These would be so much fun to do to a coworker.

Why Teens Do Stupid Things 0

Why Teens Do Stupid Things

Interesting article on Yahoo from LiveScience. It seems like teens really do think about the consequences of their actions. But their decisions are usually not based upon the consequences, they are based upon the...

Our New Gated Community 1

Our New Gated Community

We had to cancel youth Sunday night because of the wedding I was officiating. When we arrived home late, we found out that the youth actually did meet to do a service project. I...