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My Blog is Famous Now 1

My Blog is Famous Now

… since someone famous left a comment. Bart Millard, the lead singer from MercyMe left a comment on my post about winterjam. MercyMe is the real deal. Those guys truly have a heart for...

I can’t wait to see this movie 0

I can’t wait to see this movie

This movie is at the iMax theaters now and it looks like it will be in Wytheville on February 15th. U2 in 3D. Sounds like a great concert to me.

Are you planning on going all the way? 1

Are you planning on going all the way?

I have just finished reading a great book on planning for marriage. There are several books that have had a great influence on my marriage. Books like the 5 Love Languages, Love and Respect,...

Confessions of a Pastor 0

Confessions of a Pastor

This was the first book I’ve read by Craig Groeschel and I’m hooked. There are some writers who you just connect with and I definitely connect with Craig. I was drawn into this book...

Making Vision Stick 0

Making Vision Stick

I just finished a book by Andy Stanley titled Making Vision Stick. It’s a great read for any pastor or leader. I like it because it’s short (only 75 pages), and he says what...

Collide Has Arrived 0

Collide Has Arrived

I subscribed to a new magazine Collide: Where Media and Church Converge. I just finished reading the first issue and I’m impressed. I think it will be a great way to think about how...

Great Worship CD 0

Great Worship CD

I’ve been listening to Steve Fee for the last couple of days. His album Burn For You is awesome. It’s modern worship with a U2 vibe that is also original. This is the type...

Just Finished Reading These 0

Just Finished Reading These

Beyond the First Visit is a quick read (less than 200 pages) about how to better connect people in your church. It includes a lot of practical examples that seem to be just “common...

Creating Community 0

Creating Community

I just finished reading this book which was written by Andy Stanley and Bill Willits. I read it because I have been struggling about how we can do a better job as a church...

Cool Way to Find New Music 0

Cool Way to Find New Music

I’ve been experimenting with a new site called Pandora Radio. You just type in a band or a song that you like and pandora will create a free internet radio station based on that...

Books on my Radar 0

Books on my Radar

I love to read and I’m always excited to order or receive new books. Here is what I have on order for the summer and what is on my radar to read next. I...