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BSOD nightmare 1

BSOD nightmare

Most of you know that I use a MacBook Pro laptop. I started out with it since I could switch between Windows and Mac operating systems. I’ve been a hard core pc user since...

Technology for Small Churches – Software 8

Technology for Small Churches – Software

As a small new church in a rural community, we have a unique perspective on technology. We know that it can help us and we know it is important, but we have to make...

Random Thoughts 0

Random Thoughts

Here are some things on my mind right now since it’s 5 am on a Saturday morning. I hate being sick. I’m such a whiner. I’ve been up for the last two hours with...

My Computer Is Alive Again 0

My Computer Is Alive Again

I feel relieved to have my laptop back. Last Saturday night, my laptop just died. It wouldn’t turn on, it wouldn’t post, the hard drive wouldn’t spin-up, it just flat out died. Since I...

Church Yesterday 0

Church Yesterday

We were back at Cornerstone yesterday. I got to do the welcome and announcements and body life part of the service. I’m pretty comfortable in front of large groups when I’m teaching, but I...