Helpful Commentaries for the Gospel of Mark

At Cornerstone, I’m doing a series going through the Gospel of Mark. I’ve got several commentaries and study books that I’ve found helpful in preparing each week.  I tend to gravitate toward study books that are more practical and application based. Here is a quick description of what I like.

Christ Centered Exposition – Exalting Jesus in MarkThis series is quickly becoming my favorite commentary series for preaching. It is practical and the Gospel is explained throughout. If you are preaching through a book of the Bible, I highly recommend this series to use in helping you develop outlines and ideas.

Cornerstone Biblical CommentaryThis is another series that I have enjoyed using. It is shorter in length, but it still has proved helpful in explaining tough passages.

Holman New Testament CommentaryThe Holman series is a little light on explanation, but it includes several stories and application ideas for each chapter. I haven’t found the outlines particularly helpful, but it does give me ideas on how to incorporate illustrations each week.

Jesus the King: This book, formerly titled King’s Cross, is by Tim Keller, and is a great resource on the book of Mark. Keller does an incredible job explaining the purpose of the book of Mark.

Hopefully, these will help you as you study Scripture. And as always, remember nothing can replace your time spent studying and praying through God’s Word.  


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