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UPDATE: August 2016 – Picturelife has gone through financial trouble and has finally announced that they are officially closing. If you used the service, you can still download your pictures from SmugMug.  It’s hard to compete with Google, and when Google Photos offered free unlimited photo and video storage, Picturelife was simply unable to compete. I’m using Google Photos now with great results.

For Christmas this year, I decided to consolidate all our photos and videos in one place. I considered buying a new computer just for managing all my media, but in the end I decided on using an online service called Picturelife.

It’s an online photo management storage system that really works. You start by uploading all your old photos and videos. Picturelife can also automatically load photos from your social media accounts. They also have apps for your computer and mobile devices to automatically pull in new photos.

The mobile apps are really where Picturelife shines. It’s easy to scroll through all your old photos and find what you are looking for. I have uploaded almost 200 Gigs of old memories, and the service is still extremely fast.

It’s not free, but having all my files together has been worth it. They do have a free 8gig introductory account, but you will really need to upgrade to a paid account to use. For me, this was also much cheaper than buying a new computer. I like having everything automatically uploaded, and looking at the memories feature each day has reminded us of so many great times we have together as a family.



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