J100From the beginning, Cornerstone has been blessed with a number of talented young musicians. Earlier this year, several of our youth won a local competition and were blessed with 30 hours of recording studio time with the Audio Lab run by Brett Sexton here in Galax. They have just finished up their first CD, with 6 tracks, and it is incredible. You can learn more about the band on their website at www.splittingcedars.com and you can also pre-order the CD. If you plan on purchasing a CD, it will really help us to pre-order so they can cover the expenses of having the CD’s made.

This has been an awesome experience for these teens learning about the recording process and learning more about leading worship.  My son Luke plays guitar and mandolin on the album, so I may be a little biased, but I really think they have the talent to continue growing and recording as Christian artists. Fortunately, they also have the Godly character to match their talent. You can preview a couple of the tracks below. They will be leading worship this week at Cornerstone and they will also be opening for a Coffey Anderson concert on October 26th.

Click Here to Preorder the CD

It will also be available on iTunes and Amazon after the release next month

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