The Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus: I want one!


I saw this on the Evernote blog and it looks great. I use my iPad for taking notes during meetings, but the typical stylus with the large tip is hard to write with. This stylus has a much smaller tip. It also uses bluetooth so that note taking apps will allow you to rest your hand on the screen. I have been using Notability for note taking, but I need to check out Penultimate again. With its new updates and integration with evernote, I may need to change. This stylus is a little expensive at $74.95, but if you take a lot of notes, it may be worth it.

from the evernote blog:

It all comes down to the tip. If you’ve ever used a stylus, you know that at best it’s like writing with a fat crayon. The Jot Script Evernote Edition stylus is different. It’s an active, Bluetooth 4.0 stylus with a 1.9mm point, which is about as thin as a rollerball. For the first time, you’ll not only see your handwriting as you intended it, you’ll feel like you’re writing in your favorite notebook.

The Jot Script uses advanced technology to generate a capacitive experience from its fine tip. This means that it’ll work with any iPad or iPhone app, even if the app doesn’t know about the stylus or maintain a Bluetooth connection. Apps that know how to integrate with the Jot Script SDK, like Penultimate, will provide a significantly enhanced experience. Other Evernote and third-party apps will be adding native support soon.


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