I wanted to introduce you to one of my site sponsors this month. Lightstock is a new stock photography website devoted to Christian images. I’ve tried out many different stock photography sites, and I’ve had trouble finding images that work well with church websites and print material. Lightstock looks very promising because of the quality of the images. As I browsed through their collections, I found several great pictures on baptism, on prayer, and on Bible study.

These aren’t free images, but they are affordable. The site works similar to other stock photography sites. You buy credits, and then you select and purchase photos. Photos are available at multiple resolutions, and the higher-res option require more credits. They have the photos sorted by collections, and you can even request a picture if you are looking for something specific.

I like using real images from our church for our website, but these are really great quality. I’m already thinking about how these can be used. It’s always great when people see a need and meet that need. Here are some sample images. Check them out at

lightstock library image 223cebf7dac66690f4b76075a06ebbbc

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