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I’ll let you in on one of my secrets to finding deals on cables, A/V accessories, and computer stuff. Check out monoprice.com.  I’ve ordered a bunch from them lately, and I have been very impressed with both the quality and cost of the products they sell. When you check out their prices for cables, you will be blown away if you are used to ordering from other online retailers. Their prices are really cheaper.

I also order a lot from Amazon and Newegg, but if Monoprice has the item, they are almost always cheaper. I recently bought a 100′ VGA cable for $31 and a nice projector mount for $26. Check out their site and see what they have to offer. They also offer good quality XLR cables and adapters.


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3 Responses

  1. Dam says:

    It amazes me how much money plpeoe could waste getting what they reckon is the best cable. I have checked Monoprice again and even though they don’t explicitly say that the same cable I got is 1.4 certified, it catalog all of the features supported for 1.4 such as Deep Color, TrueHD, 3D support etc. Deep Color and TrueHD Audio work on my cable, I don’t have a 3D tv. Also, most if not all 120~240Hz tvs (no 3D) single accept a 60Hz Source and use a form duplication algorithm to make it appear smoother.

  2. Pushparaj says:

    PLEASE WHERE IS THE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE FOR YOUR CLAIM. Another proud model of someone who has never steduid digital signal transfer. Clear ignorance of knowledge, the cable end its either nickle gold or silver. Misunderstanding of 1.3 vs 1.4, doesn’t be with you what a 120hz TV gathering like. Pure and simple this guys does not know what he is talking in this vicinity. listen to him and you WILL NOT get the best picture possible or sound.

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