Most Gospel tracts seem stuck in the 70’s, but The Story is not only relevant to our culture today, it is based on solid theological ground. The Story is a 12-page, visual-narrative of the Gospel, designed for the unbeliever, and it can be purchased as a booklet or embedded on a website. You can see it on our church website at

I love the emphasis on the whole story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and it helps you share your story in light of God’s bigger plan for humanity. I plan on doing evangelism training this summer using The Story, and I really think their training material is perfect for use in many different settings in a church. I could see this being used in small groups, Sunday School, Sunday morning sermon series, or even special evangelism training seminars. If you are looking for a good resource to train people to share their faith, then I would definitely suggest you take a look at this.

Here is a video with more information about The Story. You can also click the booklet on the left to view The Story online.

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