We have more accessibility to the Bible now than we’ve ever had. You can read the Bible on your iPod, iPad, laptop, phone, xbox, and almost every other electronic device.  And now, we are getting to the place where we can not only read the Bible anywhere, but we can also listen to the Bible anywhere. I wanted to highlight two different mobile apps you can use to listen to the Bible.

YouVersion recently added audio Bible to their android app. They have audio for several different translations and plan on adding more. It’s still officially in Beta, but it works great.  You can read the details on the YouVersion Blog. I expect that you will see this feature rollout to other platforms in the near future. I know I have blogged about YouVersion a lot lately, but they keep innovating and adding features, and it is one of the most used apps on my phone.


I also found another option on the web and for android and iPhone/iPod/iPad. Bible.is is a great tool to listen to the Bible on the go. The Bible text scrolls as it is being read, so that you can both listen and read at the same time.

I plan on using this when working out, while driving on long road trips, and while doing work around the house. Learning and listening and meditating on Scripture helps me to stand strong against temptation, and it helps me to worship in any and every situation.

How will you listen to the Bible? Is this something that you will actually use?

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