This past weekend reminded me of the importance of community.  We saw our close-knit city come together to support a young family in need after the tragic death of the father.  If not only affected many of the family members who attend our church, but it affected the entire community, and it also deeply affected me.

Little things really do make a difference in a small town.

  • As word of the tragedy spread, prayers were lifted up around the city
  • There were hundreds and hundreds of people at the funeral home who waited over an hour to visit with the family and share their love
  • Cars pulled over and stopped to show their respect as the long funeral procession made it’s way to the cemetery. I’ve never seen that in a bigger city.
  • People brought food to all the different homes of family members
  • Everyone came together to cry and mourn and even laugh together as they stayed for hours after the funeral

While most pastors long to go to the growing suburban and affluent areas, there is something powerful about community.  I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to minister in a place where everyone knows each other.  In times of pain and tragedy, we see true Biblical community as the body cares for one another.

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  1. November 13, 2009 at 10:21 pm — Reply

    I'm so glad to hear that perspective. My parents used to pastor in a small town, but we were coming in from denver, so after a few years we left. I've forever been a little bitter about that town, but I can see what you mean. thanks

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