My boss and good friend from my last engineering job sent me an email today with a patent that we were granted. It brought back a lot of memories about four-bar linkages and kinematic analysis. It was on a linkage that converted a leg extension bench into a prone leg curl bench, while keeping all the pivot points in the proper position. I really enjoyed working on that project and it turned out pretty sweet (check out the pic)

Do I miss it? Honestly, not much. I don’t have time to think about it. I enjoyed the people and I enjoyed the creative process in designing machines. The computer and math part was challenging and fun at the same time. On the flip side, corporate politics were a huge pain. And working with other departments who were always trying to blame others gets old. But for the most part, it was an awesome job.

But when you have a calling on your life from God, you don’t look back. I’m thankful for my past and how it has shaped me, but I am even more thankful for God using me to reach and teach others. My creativity has moved from designing linkages and cams to designing systems and processes and teachings that move people to be more like Christ.

The name of this site is FaithEngineer. An engineer solves problems by creatively applying scientific principles. So now I’m creatively applying the truth of the Bible to solve the problems of life.

If you’re interested, the patent is here.

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