Two great articles about the "focus" of the church

The current Catalyst newsletter had two great articles. The first, by Francis Chan, was about building true community in church. His sermons and messages have really spoken to me in the past year. The second article is by Ed Stetzer on the importance of spreading the Gospel in a new missional context. Ed is one of my favorite authors and I am definitely on the same page with his missional focus.

Both Francis Chan and Ed Stetzer are guys that truly understand some of the problems in the church in America. But I love the fact that they are actively seeking out solutions, and that in the process they aren’t throwing out what is good with the church. Too many in the church today blame the church. In the process of looking at what is wrong with the church, they condemn what is right as well. Let’s not throw the “baby out with the bathwater” and let’s continue to seek ways to not only to do church, but be the church. Check out both articles below.


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