The easy way out is not the best. I think all growing churches have to make a choice at some point in their early years. When conflict comes, or when tough choices have to be made, are the choices made to please people, or are the choices made to follow God? Safe churches make decisions based on who gives the most money, or who carries the most influence. Dangerous churches make decisions based on the vision that God has given them. I’m thankful that Cornerstone is willing to have the tough discussions necessary to stay faithful to what God has called us to.

Perry Noble has said that you are either a prostitute for money or a prophet for God. Which do you want to be? It’s easy to look at other successful churches and not realize the painful process that they went through to get to where they are. As you grow, there are process and procedure problems, system problems, logistic problems, personality problems, responsibility problems, and all types of unexpected problems. In reality, these problems are opportunities to strengthen the church and prepare it for growth. But for that to happen, you can’t take the easy way out.

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    Amen, thanks for the reminder.

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