Who would have thought back in July of 2006 that I would still be doing this?  A lot has changed since then since I have entered full-time ministry and left the engineering world.  But some things haven’t changed. I still have a passion for reaching people for Christ,  I still have a passion for seeing teenagers learn and grow in their faith, and I still have a passion for utilizing technology to communicate the most important truth in the world. 

I’m thankful to everyone out there who stops by and reads my blog.  I plan on continuing to post about technology, my family, my church, and my thoughts for many years to come. I guess I am amazed sometimes that anybody actually reads my ramblings, but I’m glad God has given my another platform to share what He is doing in my life.  Thanks again

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  1. Kevin
    October 17, 2008 at 12:24 pm — Reply

    I was just thinking that you might be able to increase your readership if you cross-link to some of Jenni’s posts. This one: http://www.jennimorris.com/2007/08/having-sex-with-pastor.html might be a good way to get people’s attention…

  2. Mike
    October 17, 2008 at 12:26 pm — Reply

    Dude, that’s like my favorite post of all time! Although it might get me blocked though on some of the filtering software.

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